Re: Fame & Glory

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 20 Aug 1992 08:16 EDT

Skill progression is based on money and time now. Some players have
complained that Olympia is too money based. Perhaps skills shouldn't
have a game required amount of gold to study them (although if one were
studying from a teacher, the teacher could charge for his services).

Right now the only thing stopping a player from having his characters
study every parent skill for one day is the high begin cost. If we remove
game required gold for study, there would have to be another way to limit
the skills a character studied.

I wrote:
> A character's level would indicate how many skill families the character
> could know. A level one character could study one parent skill. Later,
> after attaining lots of fame, he would progress to level 2, and could pick
> up a second skill family.

This would make how much you know be a function of how old you are,
and how much you've done, instead of how much gold you have.

I like the feel of this idea, and was surprised at the cool reception it got.
This doesn't limit what characters can know in the long term. Young units
have to go out and do things before they can be advanced, multi-skill

o Lets us quit charging for study
o Doesn't limit units in the long term
o Provide nice sub-goals, and a good unit development progression
o Gives players an incentive to cooperate rather than trying
to study every skill themselves.

Rich Skrenta <>

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