Re: Map feel

Kevin Valerien (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 14:19:42 EDT

I perceive the regions to be huge. I base this on the travel time required
to go from one region to another. I assume that a unit can travel 10 miles
a day along a wilderness trail. Thus a route 20 days long equates to 200
miles of travel. This is a very long way.

My understanding of the size of the world generates many problems with some
of the restrictions which are being introduced to the game. For example:
A region connected to its adjacent regions by 20 day wilderness routes is
a 200 mile by 200 mile region. The concept of competing for natural
resources in a 40000 square mile area is rediculous.

I'll stop ranting at this point. I'm sure you get the idea. :)

I like the region/area movement abstraction of Olympia. I would not like

Kevin Valerien / Cirrus [882]

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