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Tue, 11 Aug 92 14:25:14 EDT

> The reason that I point to that bit in the rules about not
> throwing fireballs is that it's a clue to Rich's philosophy on
> the matter. Mages are one component of the game in Rich's mind,
> while to many players, they should be the most important type of
> character. Go with the flow.
> -- Oleg

I definately do not think that mages should be the most important
character. I think there should be no 'most important' character.
What I believe is that there should be something in being a mage
worth costing me 5X for studying over the mundane skills and it
sure as hell isn`t summon fog!

There are only three useful spells (haste, teleport, heal). Of these
three, only the haste spell has a use in day to day life in Olympia. You
could argue that its only real use is improving your income either by
working twice as fast or getting someplace twice as fast so that your
unproductive travel time is diminished.

In my opinion, this is getting 'flowed on' vs. 'going with the flow'.
Besides, going with the flow never improved anything, Oleg.

- Phillipe the Loudmouther

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