Re: Map feel

Scott Hauck (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 00:36:06 -0700

Personally, I like a hex-based system. It just has a good feel. However,
for a reasonable hex-based system, you'd need a lot more locations than are
there now. This will however get rid of some of the overcrowding I
percieve in Olympia.

That being said, the current system is also okay. The one thing I don't like is
the really wierd map links. Specifically, it can be quicker to go from point
A to B via point C than it is to go directly. Also, you really can't make a
good map of the land, since the edges and locations don't quite line up (some
of the things that are NE should be N instead, etc). However, all of this is
pretty minor, and the current system is definitely workeable.


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