MAP stuff

Pierre-Patrick Rosillon (
Tue, 11 Aug 92 11:38:33 CET

personnaly, I think that indeed some kind of hex map could improve complexity
in the game.
Right now, there aren't that many locations in the game. If you turn it to a
hex map, then players should be able to hide armies here and there.
However, the road and move system should be used just like right now. When you
are in town A, you should still be able to enter MOVE B to go to town B, even
if there are a few hexes between these 2 towns. The MOVE B should make you
moving along the shortest way. If you want to explore the regions and countries
then you can move directly to a specific hex near from where you are.
So, create path (or roads) from town to town that can be used to enter travel
orders easily but allow also somebody to walk around from one hex to another.

Concerning the organisation of a city, I would let it on 1 hex, with all the
features of that city in it. I think it's much more convenient to play and also
much more realistic : I'm in town B, I want to learn magic and then buy some
longswords. If I have to move from one hex to another becoz these 2 features
aren't on the same hex, that means of well that the hex are very small (and
then your map will be EXTREMELY complex) of well that your city is extremely
big (but that's not true coz most of the time, in a city you just have a
market and eventually a tower).

What about the idea of restraining the number of characters in a city, or in a
hex. Let's imagine you have a small town (with ca. 2000 people in it), do you
think that it's realistic to enter that town with an army of 1000 people ?
I think that in real life, a small part of the army would wait outside the
town, just becoz physically there isn't enough space to put all the men in the
It's the same for a region with a very dense forest, only a few people can
travel at normal speed thru it | If you have to walk with an entire army thru
it then the time spent will be extremely long.
Of course, if there is a restriction concerning the number of men in a city or
a region then the country-leader will be implemented : the man who wants to
lead a town just has to fill it with people.
....but that's not really a problem; I even think it's quite realistic.


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