Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Scott Hauck (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 16:05:16 -0700

Scott Turner says:
Incidentally, Bill, the castle requirement is also why newbies will
still be able to operate, even if only the owner can Impress/Recruit.
The newbies just have to go out to the countryside to gather their

This assume 1.) A castle, and only a castle, is needed to control an area
2.) Castles will only be built in cities.

I disagree with each - most of the descriptions say that the first
STRUCTURE in an area controls it, not just a castle. While I don't know that
a "mine" makes a good seat of government, I think a Tower should be adequate,
and even a house out in the boonies might do fine (not to mention citadels!).

As to #2 - I don't know about you, but I've been considering building a Castle
out in the boonies - there are some nice places to set up shop that are near,
but not in a Town. For example someone could become lord of the Wastlands in
the Resh area, where there are large areas without towns or cities.

BTW, does this also mean that if I build a house in the woods for my men to
huddle under, since it's the first structure I'm now #1 on the hit parade for
opressing the peasants?


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