Re: Province ownership and other subjects

O.Goss. (
Tue, 28 Jul 92 01:06:09 +0200

No taxes for me please !!! I hate this system. Of course every player can be
what he prefers, ie a wandering adventurer, a merchant, an archmage, etc...
But what many players prefer to do, -and do !- is to do lots of things at the
same time, I am a merchant, but I like shipbuildings and exploration too,
and I will try as many skills as possible.
The point is that to do this, you need money, and that anyone who has
lots of money can be at the same time a provincelord, a merchant , an
explorer etc... And since no-one can compete with these powerful players,
you lose lots of interest in the game when you don't feel sth like
'the best of your kind'.
Allowing provincelords to take taxes, if that way they can make lots of
money, would be very bad for the game balance.
Maybe sth good would have been to allow only the main character to stack in
a guild, or to give him any kind of bonus that will make his behavior
fundamental for every character of the same player.

But anyway I like and enjoy the power of trying many different features of the
game, but don't forget that if lords get lots of taxes, any player who
doesn't rule any province will have very little fun in comparison to what
others can do.

That is all, my friends fellows of Olympia.


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