Re: Taxation system

Greg Lindahl (gl8f@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU)
Mon, 27 Jul 92 00:26:52 -0400

On Jul 27, 1:05, wrote:

> What do people think about the need for a taxation system?

I find that most of the taxation systems proposed so far are totally
destabalizing in the same way that the T'Nyc system was, from what
Steve has said about it. They are lots of free money, with no
responsibility. They don't cause your troops to get killed collecting
"taxes". They don't place a huge burden on players unfortunate to be
in a ruled area. They sound totally great -- for the established

If you want to be a warlord, you have to go chase people and kill
them. Some of us would rather use our heads and have several means of
getting income -- and the game already provides them.

-- Oleg (getting more popular by the minute)

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