Taxation system

Russell Wallace (
Mon, 27 Jul 1992 01:05 GMT

What do people think about the need for a taxation system? I think we
need one on the grounds that we need some way for a warlord to extract
money from regions he has conquered. Now that WORK has pretty well gone
down the tubes, it seems ridiculous that someone like Dr. Pain can conquer
a region with a couple of hundred trained combat troops and then have no
way of getting any money out of the inhabitants (NPCs; I'm assuming he's
killed all the player units :-)) except entertainment. I propose something
like this: First, to do any taxation you must have military dominance
in the area (more armed, trained men than everyone else put together, and
at least 50 in any event), then you impose a tax level from say 1 to 10,
and an appropriate amount of money is taken from the region economy and
given to you. This has detrimental effects on the economic value of the
region (e.g. entertainment would be less lucrative in a heavily taxed
region) and might also affect things like loyalty of men recruited there.
Cities and towns would have higher tax revenues.

Comments anyone?

- Russell

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