Re: Taxation system

Jay Luo (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 0:28:53 EDT

I also agree that there ought to be a way to rule over provinces, but
I think the dynamics of the system cedman proposed (where units can
execute a RULE command and auto-attack anyone else who RULEs, until
there is only a sole RULEr) are too obnoxious.... I suggest that instead
the ruler of a province be determined by a variant on the stack leader
concept. The first unit stacked under the first 'structure' (castle,
tower, house or whatever) within a province should be the ruler and be
able to issue ruler commands (probably mostly things like SET 333 TAX 50
or whatever) on the province. The ruler is then uniquely determined and
there is an obvious way to usurp rulership (i.e., capture the first
structure). In cases where a province has no structures in it, then
no rulership should be possible. A would-be ruler would have to bring
in a construction team to build him a manor.

There should also be a means of razing old structures, so an invader
can disrupt the local economy, or an ambitious ruler could replace his
tower with a larger castle, and so on.

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