Re: Faction Trees

Steve Chapin (
Mon, 20 Jul 92 14:19:47 EST

The idea is this: each unit has a split loyalty. 1) a loyalty to
their direct lord, and 2) a loyalty to their faction. So, if the
direct lord dies or leaves, they do a morale check to see if they
follow the lord (go independent if he died), or stay with the faction.

That's the rationalization. I'm not planning on having two loyalties;
I can see just saying 1/2 the loyalty is for faction, 1/2 for lord.
Then when something happens, I suppose you could roll against the
faction loyalty to see if he stays, then roll against the lord loyalty
to see if he goes, and if he fails both, he goes indpendent.

>> I can't give my opinion about faction trees in T'Nyc because Steve
>> killed me before I could build up a faction :-).

Hardly. Psyon (scott) lured me, a clueless newbie, into a pact with
the Brotherhood of the Electron, then left me hanging when he quit the
game. There I was, alone on the battlefield facing Amadeus and his
army of Hel Warriors. It's then that I reached for my...



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