Report format

Bill Viggers (
Tue, 21 Jul 1992 14:37:52 +1200

First, all these "Gave so much of this to XXX" followed by
"Received n of this from YYY" are a bit too much... Could we
have only one of them (the "received" message being used only
for trade with another faction) ? Or maybe we could have options
for this ?

Yeap, I was going to suggest this myself. If you want this
message for intrafaction stuff then there is a verbose
option I seem to remember seeing (though why anyone would
use it is beyound me, that one small change came close to
making my report unreadable. I completly missed a message
about the plague my first time through it. Rich- Your
plague is spreading very nicely. To _my_ men :-<

Another thing I'd like to have is an easy way to note two-or-more-lines
messages, like

1: 1393: Study military leadership at a cost of 2 gold per day for one
1: 1393: day.

I know there's a . only at the end of the whole message, but as there
are one-line messages without a dot, it doesn't do much good. Rich
stubbornly (IMHO) refuses a slight change in the line headers :

Wouldnt it be easier to put a full stop at the end of the one
line messages?


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