Re: Faction Trees

Scott Turner (
Mon, 20 Jul 92 09:36:52 PDT

What's the point of faction trees if a unit's sub-units don't come
with it when it changes loyalties? I can understand the reasoning
that "if my lord gets *killed*, I change my fealty to my lord's lord",
but I don't understand "if my lord decides to work for Y, I'm going to
abandon him and stay with my lord's lord."

The fact is that everyone plays as if every unit they owned was
personally loyal to the PC (actually the player). So why not leave
the system that way? I don't think faction trees small benefits
(primarily hiding affiliations) are worth the trouble.

In other words, I'm against faction trees if you have to "munge" them
into unrealistic behaviors to provide playability.

I can't give my opinion about faction trees in T'Nyc because Steve
killed me before I could build up a faction :-).

-- Scott T.

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