Re: Olympia Internals: Misc Comments

Steve Chapin (
Sun, 19 Jul 92 14:35:25 EST

N.B: I haven't read all the mail yet, so I might be duplicating

>> 1) Unstacking at Sea. If you DO allow for unstacking at sea, you don't
>> need a swimming skill and the units need not AUTOMATICALLY drown.
>> Remember those near-useless (in the New World, anyway) "small boat"s?
>> Simply leave the unit adrift in their small life boats. IF one of the
>> exits leads to a port, the unit could "row in" (also useful for
>> "amphibious assaults") otherwise they are stuck until rescued. Likewise,
>> you could allow small boats to "sail out" one ocean location and, as
>> above, "row back in" to any exit that leads to a port allowing for
>> small excursions. The check would be if staring or ending location
>> is a port, the move is allowed.

There are two things about this I like.

1) as someone else mentioned, I should be able to unstack and stack
with a new ship while at sea (e.g. two ships pull up alongside and
swap some crew or cargo).

2) Consider the Ferenth/Rimmon trade run. It crosses the Gulf of
Ferenth, which is presumably a small body of water. Why should I need
a big ocean-going ship for that? If we allow units in small boats to:

if ((is_land(here) && is_ocean(there)) ||
(is_ocean(here) && is_land(there))) {
allow the move

it seems to be ok. In other words, small boats can hug the coast,
never being more than one move away from a port.



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