Re: Olympia pre-history

Steve Chapin (
Sun, 19 Jul 92 14:43:41 EST

The prehistory does remind me of one thing that T'Nyc had that Oly
doesn't: a collective stacking report.

After giving the information such as:

Entity Location
------ --------
Dome [531] Arkaune [315]
Rocko's Revue [582] 5 days from Rimmon [203]
Fighters of Pelenth [1058] Drassa [201]
The Voyaging Co. [1092] Arkaune [315]

How about giving us something like:

Location Stack
-------- ------
Drassa [201] Fighters of Pelenth [1058]
Approaching Rimmon [203] Rocko's Revue [582]
Arkaune [315] Dome [531]
The Voyaging Co. [1092]

It's easy to see who's in which location. It's not easy to see who's
"on the road" to some location. Still, this would be useful. Yes, I
know it appears in the locations section, but it would be useful to
have it collected in one spot. That's way down my priority list, but
as I player I'd like it, and it would make the turn report better, I



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