Re: Carrying capacity
Sun, 19 Jul 92 14:58:56 EDT

OK, as i see it, carrying capacity should be a soft limit, with the value
given as the max now being the HARD limit. For example:

joe schmo [9999] number 1

carring cap 150/150

he buys 2 units of lumber (45 each) 90 units of weight (I assume pounds,
for sake of my sanity) is QUITE a bit. I'd like to see you walk for 20
days through the wilderness and get to your destination on time. Perhaps
some sort of fatigue method could be taken into account. I have a suggestion
for this. For Movement: take percentage of weight/capacity. Take this
percentage from the fatigue of the unit as a number, not as a percentage.
In the example above, that's a little less than 60% of his capacity. so,
take 60 fatigue from the unit. Fatigue regenerates fairly quickly, so you
can do it on the road. Causes the unit to stop and wait if they move too
far while still tired. I feel this is fairly realistic, considering it
isn't an easy task to move through the woods with alot of stuff on your back.
River and ocean travel MAY be done differently, although I don't really see
why it would be. On a river, you have to PADDLE or you end up hitting rocks
and stuff. On the ocean, there is work to do. There could be small storms
that cause fatigue somehow. Excuses for this system can be made up :)

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