Re: Faction trees

Greg Scheidel (
Sun, 19 Jul 92 13:24:35 CDT

The faction trees as outlined seem to work; I don't have any real input
on them except to say that I like the idea (just so that an abstention isn't
counted as a vote against).

A couple of comments:
> o SWEAR <unit> swears fealty to the specified character.
> The character must be present.
> (It could SWEAR fealty to another character, but only if it
> visited its new lord -- you can't swear to someone who isn't
> present.)
I would like to see this change, with or without faction trees.

> o The player character still cannot be persuaded.
Along the same lines, under faction trees || heir system what would be the
difference between the main PC and other units?

> o Since only the immediate lord can be determined from a
> character, even with good observation, it becomes harder to
> tell what player a character belongs to.
This sounds good; right now information flows a little to freely in Olympia.

Greg S.

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