Faction trees

C. Patrick Simons (UD078317@VM1.NoDak.EDU)
Sun, 19 Jul 92 13:19:26 CDT

Ok. I'm just popping this one off, seems there is a ton of mail
waiting for me to read all of a sudden...:)

On trees/PC death/Heirs:

How about having trees set up, and if the PC dies, the Heir keeps those
units tree'd under it, and (hmm) the others either swear over to the
Heir at a marked loss of loyalty, or become independant?

Kinda like the Boss's son runs part of the business, and when the old man
dies, the kid gets the part he's been running, and the other MotB get the
departments they've been running.

Half baked, I know, but it's been a wild two days..

Allister 506

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