Re: Faction trees
Sun, 19 Jul 92 14:47:38 EDT

I think faction trees should be done in a manner allowing newbies and people
like myself who care not about heirarchical leadership. For those of you who
think that is good, it should allow you to have a distributed network of men
that follows a specific unit, etc.. There should be NO drop in loyalty if
your lord (as opposed to faction leader) dies or is persuaded. Why? Think
of it this way: if Feasel is immediately under Pelenth is immediately under
Osswid, and Pelenth is persuaded away, Feasel is now PROMOTED to fill that
spot (not PROMOTE as in the command). I would think a promotion within an
organization would cause an INCREASE in loyalty, no matter how deep the unit
is in the faction tree. Note, this gives people like me incentive to use the
faction trees, because I can gain (small amounts) of loyalty from any losses
that might occur.

An alternative method, which is counter to the previous example is this:
loyalty is the loyalty to direct superior, which then boils down to, 'If
a unit is PERSUADED, all units under it in the faction tree go with.' I
don't like this, especially for both highly organized factions, and factions
that are just really messy (like mine) because it will cause the faction
to be hosed if only few key members are persuaded.

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