Re: Unstacking at sea

Greg Scheidel (
Sun, 19 Jul 92 0:29:22 CDT

Rich Skrenta says:
> > I could instead allow such unstacks, and have any characters
> > in an ocean province who are not stacked with a ship just drown.
> Hmmm. But then characters would expect to automatically enage
> in combat, since if the captain tells your 100 soldiers to walk
> the plank, they're not just going to do it.
> I don't want to deal with same-stack-combat-while-at-sea. So either
> the captain can't make anyone walk the plank, or he can make everyone
> walk the plank.

But wait, I don't want to have my characters in a tower to unstack w/out
putting up a fight so lets do that too, and ok I can try to take control of
the tower from within, and _these_ units will fight against the other units
in the same stack, and... *blech*

Considering the problems that would go along with units in a stack attacking
one another w/out auto-unstack, better to just say you can't do it. How would
a player feel if he was told that all of his units on a ship were completely
destroyed because the stack leader changed attitudes?

For the other side of the argument: how hard would it be to implement
'stacks within a stack'? Then you could have this case easily, which could
also be applied to units inside of a tower or other construct vieing for
control. On open land it makes sense to auto-unstack units that attack other
units in the stack, in a ship/tower/whatever I'm not so sure.

Greg S.

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