Re: Do X for n days

Greg Scheidel (
Sun, 19 Jul 92 1:20:07 CDT

Rich says:
> Hmmm. I could make PAY/GIVE/GET take a day...
In the case of cash flow, its WORK that would be the problem, it would have to
work at 1 day increments to get money earned immediately available. Aren't
PAY/GIVE/GET 0 time actions now in any case?

> As far as I know, autoshare has been working reliably for a long time.
> I just put in code to track it this turn, it's interesting to watch all
> of the units borrowing from each other.
Ah, after checking old turn reports I see that the recent instance of not
making maintenance happened for a unit that was auto-unstacked from a tower
when the guild tower changes went into effect, so it was not at that time
stacked with the tower leader. My baggage. Heh, auto-share makes my orders
about a hundred times simpler. :)

Greg S.

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