Re: Unstacking at sea
Sun, 19 Jul 92 1:28:50 EDT

SOMEDAY in the future, I see the possibility of someone having two
ships, and wanting to move men from one ship to another, for whatever
reason. Doing this at sea would be very efficient, because both ships
would only have to move half as far (assuming they are at different
locations to start). As I see it, you can either 'STACK <new ship>'
which brings everyone under you with, or 'UNSTACK;STACK <new ship>'
which will promptly fail, because you can't unstack at sea. A
kludge would be to have UNSTACK check if the unit is at sea, then
if it is, check to see if the next order is a STACK cmd. When I
say next order, maybe declarations and so forth aren't considered
orders, because they are just mental decisions, per se, and not an
actual activity, such as buying or selling. However, that turns to
the issue of special cases, something I, as a somewhat efficient
programmer, despise.
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