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Rich Skrenta (
Sat, 18 Jul 92 11:46:38 EDT

> Well, I think you are right on that point. But again I think that
> documentation which documents least, documents best. The preferable
> alternative is to give lots of detail to the reports so that players
> can figure out what happend.

I agree. Players like to see nifty new blurbs in their reports.

> but then I tought "what the hell, this won't interest rich and there
> are so many other people he wrote this to that certainly one of them
> will write something more interesting to him" and killed it. :-)


> I think that your suggestion to handle Recruit and Impress by the
> region resource production model is a very good one. Being able to
> specify the recruitment bonus is also a good idea. Maybe you could
> handle the distribution of new recruits to different recruiters with
> different recruit bonuses the same way you handle the distribution of
> entertainment profits to different entertainers with different skill
> levels ?

Maybe. I would want it to have a floor, so it would be very hard to
recruit for 0 gold.

> BTW, I thought that skill levels on sub-skills was an excellent idea.
> Why did you kill it ? Now there is basically nothing left of the
> sub-skill idea except that you can type "use 9155" instead of "use
> 113 1", which is not necessarily such a big step forward IMHO.

I agree. I'm not so sure the sub-skill system is that great, especially
without the levels. Even with the levels, it's not clear that it's
a big win for the amount of complexity it introduces.

Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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