Re: Recruit/impress

K.B (
Sat, 18 Jul 92 16:51:39 +0200

I'd like recruit to work like trade, that is something like :

RECRUIT <unit> <max # of men> <max hiring bonus> (everybody would recruit for 7
days...) .

The recruitors would be able to recruit for other units, their Trading
skill and apparent wealth (fine cloak, gold in inventory...) being taken into
account for roughly equivalent offers from different recruitors (~less than 2
gold). The bidders would then be sorted (highest first...), and their wishes
satisfied in turn. There should be a maximum number of men you could recruit
in a week (depending on the location, many in cities, almost none in
mountains), so that low bidders might well not find anyone... This system
should probably be smoothed (the way entertainment is : no one end up with
0 gold) something like at most 25% for the 1st, 20% for the 2nd, 15% for the
3rd, 10% for the 4th, 5% for the others.


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