Carl Edman (cedman@golem.ps.uci.edu)
Sat, 18 Jul 92 07:37:11 PDT

Rich writes:
> In other words: it doesn't help if the model works the way
> you want it to, if the players don't understand it.

Well, I think you are right on that point. But again I think that
documentation which documents least, documents best. The preferable
alternative is to give lots of detail to the reports so that players
can figure out what happend.

> > On a different note, maybe Rich should add a small
> > olympia-internals list for people with cheap and fast
> > mail who are interested in discussing such matters.
> This is a fine idea. I have unfortunately found that the
> more people I send ideas to, however, the less of a
> response I get. :-) Weren't you Cc'd on the ship movement
> paper?

Yes, that's right. I already had written a few screen pages of reply,
but then I tought "what the hell, this won't interest rich and there
are so many other people he wrote this to that certainly one of them
will write something more interesting to him" and killed it. :-)

In Re: Region resource production model/ Recruit and Impress

I think that your suggestion to handle Recruit and Impress by the
region resource production model is a very good one. Being able to
specify the recruitment bonus is also a good idea. Maybe you could
handle the distribution of new recruits to different recruiters with
different recruit bonuses the same way you handle the distribution of
entertainment profits to different entertainers with different skill
levels ?

BTW, I thought that skill levels on sub-skills was an excellent idea.
Why did you kill it ? Now there is basically nothing left of the
sub-skill idea except that you can type "use 9155" instead of "use
113 1", which is not necessarily such a big step forward IMHO.

Carl Edman

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