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Last Update: October 21, 1996

Scum is a publication for the Brewers Guilds of the Kingdom of the East and the Principality of AEthelmearc, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. If you are a brewer or brewster, vinter or vintner, mead maker, or just an imbiber, Scum should be part of your life.

Scum is available from: Lord Corwin of Darkwater (c/o Douglas Brainard, 45 Southwind Way, Rochester, NY 14624, Scum is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and does not delineate the policies of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Subscriptions are $4.00 for four issues, published quarterly (more or less). Back issues are available at $1.00 per issue. Please make checks payable to `Douglas Brainard'

Number 21

Grape Wine * Eorann's Cool Mead * Simple Mead for Simple People * Brewers guide to Botany * Medieval Wines: How Sweet Were They? * Mother Watkins

Number 20

A Gardener's Guide to Wine-making * Dreiator (Dopplebock) * What You Can Do With a Dandelion * Red Sumac Wine * Brewsters Who Run With The Wolves * Whisky * Fermentation and Aging Times for Meads * Arnau de Vilanova Orange Wine * A Lesson of Hop Yards

Number 19

Pennsic XXV Brewing Competition Results * Judging in the Snows * Rowanberry Wine * Black Raspberry Wine * Brewsters Who Run With The Wolves * Gooseberry Sparkling Mead * Hard Cider * Cyser (Apple Cider Mead) * A Delicate Sort of Drinke * An Index to Cider Apples * A Lesson

Number 18

Love-In-Idleness (Wild Pansy Wine) * Two Weak Meads * Parsnip Wine * Morath * Rhubarb Wine * Three Cordials * Brewsters Who Run With The Wolves * A Beginners Guide to SCAdian Brewing * Mage's Fire (A Trimarian favorite) * Alt Bier Fisch * John Barleycorn

Number 17

Brewing All-Grain Heavy Ales * Wild Plum * I Remember Mamma * Introduction to Meads, Wines, Beers, Cordials, and Exotics * To Suckle Fools: The Chronicle of a Small Beer * Brewer's Conversion Chart * The English Drinking Song

Number 16

Strawberry Liqueur * Two Ratafias * Beer and Mead in Medieval Russia: Some Primary Documentation * Wine * To Bear an Egge: Making Mead with Medieval Hydrometers * Strong Mead

Number 15

Chardonnay * Metheglin Recipe (Spiced Mead) * Currant Wine * Kumiss * A Beer Lay, from Finland * Grow your own Hops * Dark Turnip Stout * Early Scottish Ale

Number 14

Beginning Homebrewing * Braikfaste for my Lorde and Lady * Gamay (In the style of the Beaujolais) * Mint Mead * A Kynde of Very Strong Bere

Number 13

An Amateurs Approach to Hippocras * Dandelion Ros? * Craft Project: Leather * May Wine * Lemon-Ginger Mead & Pepper-Cinnamon Mead * Friends of St Pyr * Oxford Braggot * Bob's Ballad

Number 12

The Origin of Cordials * Brothers of the Company * Documentation for Brewers and Vintners * Master Webbes Meath * A New Art of Brewing Beer * Wassail Song

Number 11

Coals to Newcastle * Strawberry Imperial Stout * Scum: The Game * Herbal Musings * Deutschland uber Ales

Number 10

Art and Mistery * Zinfandel * Herbal Musings * The Baron's Best Braggott * Spirit of Honey * For Good Measure * Three Jolly Coachmen

Number 9

Dandelion Wine * Willihilda the Kitchen Wench * Vocabulary Quiz: Brewing * Herbal Musings * The True Bottling of Beer * Vocabulary Quiz: Answers

Number 8

How to Found and Maintain a Successful Guild * How to Cheat a Wine Merchant * A Good Familiar Creature * Mead and the Maid

Number 7

Letters * Brewing in Norway * Basic Liquors * Another Tale * WEIZEN or Wheat Beer * Wormwood * Bitter Harvest * The Ballad of St. Pyr

Number 6

Making Malt: What Did They Do Before Can Openers * Ale Shall Now Engage My Pen * Brewing for Competition * How to Run a Brewing Competition * Brewing on the Dark Side * Macintyre

Number 5

Ypocras Revisited * The True Origin of Whisky * A Question of Mead * Properties of Honey

Number 4

Rose Petal Mead * Ale with Honey * A Drink for the War * The Hero's Drink * Sekanjabin and Other Syrups * Aqua Compositor * Pur Fait Ypocras * Yule Ale * Berme * Weights and Measures * Bring Us in Good Ale

Number 3

Letters * The Scum Also Rises * Brewing Slightly Over the Edge: Mead and Additives * Apple Wine

Number 2

Drinking at the War, or, a Guide to Avoiding Alcoholic Anguish * The Scum Also Rises * Biting Trees with Lady Mathilde

Number 1

Really Authentic Guide to Real Viking Mead * The Scum Also Rises * Birch Sap Wine, or, Biting Trees with Lady Mathilde * Excerpts from Barm * Getting to Know Us

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