Play by Email (PBEM) Magazine Homepage

PBEM is a monthly(?) fanzine devoted to free, computer-moderated, email wargames. It contains a few articles and some lists of games, which quickly grow dated. The latest list of games can always be found in the PBM List. You may also go back up to the PBM Homepage. And there's another good zine you should visit which is about postal games in the UK, Mission from God.

Here's a list of still-relevant articles from back issues. At the bottom of this page is a listing of all the back-issues themselves.

And here's a list of the back-issues themselves. Keep in mind that the information about `current games' is out of date; consult the PBM List for the most up-to-date information.

If you're interested in e-zines in general, this index is about the best.

Greg Lindahl