SCA Juried Merchants List: Armor & Weapons

Blackwood Jewellery
A modest assortment of decorative rivets in silver and bronze
The Jelling Dragon
Roman, Viking & Medieval swords. Viking axes, knives and spears. Viking and medieval helmets. Shield bosses.
Purpleheart Armoury
Wooden Swords/Wasters used for Historical Martial Art Training
Thaden Armory
Custom Armour and armour fittings
Syke's Sutlering
Santelli. 14th - 17th c. muskets.
Gaukler Medieval Wares
Bronze Age Knives
Windrose Armoury
Historically Inspired Combat Armour and Accessories
Tattershall Arms
Matchlocks and wheellocks
Brian Brown Armoury
Custom armour, SCA armour, Collector grade armour, inlayed, brassworkfaux ivory wax tablets
Anshelm Arms and Armor
In-stock basic but medieval-looking armor. Beautiful authentic harnesses for those who want to upgrade their look. Also: Swords, halberds, spearpoints, scramasaxes, warhammers, and more!
Raymond's Quiet Press
Helm Brasses from Vendel and Saxon helmets
Christian Fletcher Medieval Armour
Plate armour and chain mail from Dark Ages to 16th Century, as well as SCA and Fantasy.
Raven Enterprises
Master Ragnarr Hardraada of Trimaris offers many patterns for armor. A catalogue is $3 (made payable to Frank Johnson, reimbursable with order) and all patterns come with expert SCA assistance by phone whenever needed (as long as it's before 9PM EST).
Albion Armorers
Bronze Age through Renaissance swords and armor
Bandguns -dot- Com
Quality period projectile weapons for SCA fencing. Wheel lock, matchlock, and flintlock pistols using surgical tubing ammunition, as used in many SCA Kingdoms.
Rattan and Wicker
Rattan staves. Call and request SCA fighting rattan. Credit card orders shipped UPS.
Kirby D. Wise-Fraser, FSA (Scot.) & Son, Arms and Armour
Edged Weaponry of all periods.....some special helmets and some armour

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Disclaimer: Do not mistake this list for an official statement by or publication of the SCA, Inc. It is the personal opinion of Gregory Blount (Greg Lindahl.) I have not verified any claim made by any merchant. However, I would like to hear if you had a bad experience with any merchant on the list, or you feel that a merchant on the list doesn't live up to the list criteria.

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