Medieval/Renaissance Food Clip-Art Collection

This large collection of woodcuts shows a variety of cooking-related stuff from the late Medieval through Renaissance eras. This page is part of the Medieval/Renaissance Food homepage.

from Il Cuoco Segreto Di Papa Pio V (The Private Chef of Pope Pius V), by Bartolomeo Scappi, Venice, 1570.

from Richard Pynson's 1526 edition of The Canterbury Tales:

from an unknown source:

from Wm. Caxton's 1484 edition of The Canterbury Tales:

from Epilogo en medicina y cirurgia, Juan de Burgos, 1495. Shows which parts of the body are affected by which signs of the zodiac.

from Il Trinciante (The Carver), by Vincenzo Cervio, 1604.

from Hans Burgkmair, early 16th century

from Ein new Kochbuch, by Marx Rumpolt, German, 1604

unknown source

from Dirk de Bray (c. 1620 to 1678)

De Kindheyd onses Heeren Jesu Christi, Amsterdam, 1617

Parkinson's "Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris", 1629

The Shepherd's Great Calendar, 15th century

from The Assyse of Bread, 16th century

Liber de Arte Distillandi

Schweizer Chronik, by J. Stumpf, 1548

From an unknown source:

from , 1491.

from The Grete Herball

Images scanned at 300 dpi by Cindy Renfrow. You have permission to reprint these images.

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