Renaissance Dance Cheat Sheets

And then you know, the youth must needs go dance,
First galliards -- then larousse, and heidegy --
Old Lusty Gallant -- All the flowers of the Broom.
And then a hall, for dancers must have room...
And to it then: with set, and turn about,
Change sides, and cross, and mince it like a hawk;
Backwards and forwards, take hands then, in and out;
And, now and then, a little wholesome talk,
That none could here, close rowned in the ear.'

Nicholas Breton: Works of a Young Wit, II, ii. 15-23. (1577)

The is a freely-copyable collection of cheat sheets for Renaissance dance. Please share and enjoy. The current printed version is "Post-Pennsic 1998"; I will be offering updates in the future.

The cheat sheets, in html, split into small files (just for Del.)

The cheat sheets on paper (pdf) (or as postscript file). In order to print them, you will need a a postscript printer or Adobe Acrobat. The document is formatted for 8.5" by 11" paper. This version is set up for duplex (double-sided) printing.

The cheat sheets on paper, book format (pdf) (or as postscript file). Similar to the previous link, except that it has 2 pages per side, and is ordered so that if you print it duplex, you can cut it in half and bind it into a book.

Extra title page for the book format (pdf) (and as postscript).

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Thanks to Eric Praetzel for helping me convert the texinfo document to html.

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