Facsimile of Caroso's Il Ballarino (1581)

These images come from a facsimile of Fabritio Caroso's Il Ballarino, 1581. An updated version of this book was published in 1600, and that edition is available in translation by Julia Sutton in both hardback (out of print and expensive) and softcover (cheap, in print, published by Dover).

These images were scanned at 300dpi from the 1967 Broude Brothers facsimile. The full-size images are 100k to 200k in size; some browers (Netscape in particular) do stupid things when presented with such gifs, so I would recommend saving them to disk before you manipulate them. The small gifs are only about 800 pixels wide and should fit on your screen.

Note: The Broude Brothers book is not copyright; not only are facsimiles not copyrightable in the US, but this book was published in the US in 1967 and has no copyright notice.

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