Re: Anyone heard from Rich?

Michael Cofran (
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 18:44:11 -0800

> Hi,
> My account has gone way negative, i've got 2 checks for payment to the
> account outstanding and no replies to my e-mail. Any suggestions?

I'm in the same boat. Shadow Island Games has taken no less than 8 weeks to
cash my previous checks, and are now sitting on two for over 12 weeks. I've
sent them an email about 20 weeks ago concerning a false charge they gave
me, and the money has still not been credited.

I wish I had a suggestion. Thier customer service as a company is the worst
I've ever seen. You will never get a response from snail-mail or e-mail,
and I doubt they even answer thier phones.

Just keep playing. If they drop your position due to a negative balance,
then maybe a small-claims lawsuit to reclaim all the money you have spent on
this position since the beginning? Maybe that would be what it takes for
them to pay any attention to thier customers?


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