Re: Anyone heard from Rich?

Donn Breshears (
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 06:09:25 -0800 (PST)


You can now pay by PayPal. Scott, the GM of The Age of Gods, has set
up a PayPal account to take payments and you can use this for Oly G2
also. For more information visit the Age of Gods page at

Also, if you want to play a game where the moderator responds to
questions the play TAG. In game 4 (The Never Ending Kingdom) there is
a 100X100 province world with only 30 players right now.

--- Michael Cofran <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > My account has gone way negative, i've got 2 checks for payment
> to the
> > account outstanding and no replies to my e-mail. Any suggestions?
> I'm in the same boat. Shadow Island Games has taken no less than 8
> weeks to
> cash my previous checks, and are now sitting on two for over 12
> weeks. I've
> sent them an email about 20 weeks ago concerning a false charge they
> gave
> me, and the money has still not been credited.
> I wish I had a suggestion. Thier customer service as a company is
> the worst
> I've ever seen. You will never get a response from snail-mail or
> e-mail,
> and I doubt they even answer thier phones.
> Just keep playing. If they drop your position due to a negative
> balance,
> then maybe a small-claims lawsuit to reclaim all the money you have
> spent on
> this position since the beginning? Maybe that would be what it takes
> for
> them to pay any attention to thier customers?
> Mike

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