Re: current affairs on Provinia

Sjoerd Schreuder (
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 11:13:52 +0200


Dominick Vansevenant wrote:
> Todd, believe us if we say that we are quitting really.
> It is the truth !! Operations against the RM have ended, the war is over.
> You can do what you want. We consider the game over.
> We have had our fun, but the war was a bore, the whole game was a
> bore and I understand why most of lotc is quitting. We just didn't want
> to wait till any of the sides quitted for the other to claim victory
> just giving the GM a lot of money to make ourselves proud.
> We are proud to make the first step. You can claim victory, we know
> we have accomplished far more than our opponents and we _for ourselves_
> are the true winners of G2.

I won't claim victory; I'm glad we are not defeated. All I know is that
I have survived the war, because I'm too stubborn to quit. My compliments
to everyone who had the strength to quit.

WRT "winning G2": I'm not sure this game can be won, but you guys have
certainly dominated the history of central Provinia.

> Thanks to all our opponents for the 3 years of fun, especially to the PLATO
> members of the first hour, boy you could really have fun with e.g.
> Robert Rodgers, etc..... and to the RM who boldly decided to attack
> the LOTC to provide more balance on Provinia, you guys were necessary
> to hold our expansion drift. We had set other conquests as well, we always
> wanted to take out some islands (one plan was to eliminate an entire
> small alliance in one turn and we could have done that without you guys).
> Harn was fun, IC was fun but they didn't last as long as the others.

So we did the Right Thing (tm)! Thanks for admitting it,
I really appreciate it.

> Thanks to our allies, may they know peace at last. Wars and peace have their
> advantages, one should know both in olympia. They main disadvantage of oly
> is that one can never win, NEVER!!


> I myself am staying in the game for a bit longer, looking forward to
> achieve my own personal goals, I have never quested, did no explores of
> the underground, hades, faery, clouds because of this gigantic war
> that lasted for 2.5 years. I get offers from friends and enemies and
> will choose one of them soon/asap.

If you ever visit Rimmon, come visit First Castle in Pompeii.
You're always welcome as long as you leave your army at home ;-)

> Thanks, stay in touch and farewell.

Sjoerd Schreuder
Zwagonian [qu9]

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