Re: current affairs on Provinia

Todd Nielsen (
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 02:39:50 -0700

>We have had our fun, but the war was a bore, the whole game was a bore and
>why most of lotc is quitting. We just didn't want to wait till any of the
>sides quitted for the other
>to claim victory just giving the GM a lot of money to make ourselves proud.
>We are proud to
>make the first step. You can claim victory, we know we have accomplished
>more than our
>opponents and we _for ourselves_ are the true winners of G2.

Do you honestly think we could claim victory? I have to agree, you folks
get the gold star. Like you, I will be leaving Olympia shortly, I have just
one or two more nobles I'd like to kill er.... I mean things I'd like to do



Questing? What the hell is that?

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