Re: Doggie
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 17:55:25 EDT

Don't go read from times 79. and forward
The whine of targ began, when he went into another land, built gathered
resources, and ignored warnings.
Ironically enough, he was in the harn area.
A dangerous place to be, especially if one of my family is around.

times 79...

The Vulture [s356] is nothing but a no-good, cowardly assasin.
He attacked an unarmed noble which was minding his own business
and killed him. If you see him, be on your watch. If you believe
in justice please slay him on sight. This lowly dog will find
himself swinging from the closest tree if I get my hands on him.

-- Brotherhood of Shao-Lin [ew7]

aka targ the mouthy
s186 ct39 o1 100 9 48 2 Castor Troy
x486 v49 o1 100 9 2 349 Keyser Soze
s219 v49 o2 100 9 4 160 x486 Targ the Mouthy
m505 v49 c450 100 9 60 Marshall Law
M'yin Azoshai [p991]
Rhao iye-Sama'an [p803],

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