Re: Doggie

Pedro Ribeiro (
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 17:12:20 PDT


I have 3 letters and 2 words for you 'U R A sick man'.

(no personal offense intended)

>Subject: Re: Doggie
>Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 17:55:25 EDT
>Don't go read from times 79. and forward
>The whine of targ began, when he went into another land, built gathered
>resources, and ignored warnings.
>Ironically enough, he was in the harn area.
>A dangerous place to be, especially if one of my family is around.
>times 79...
>The Vulture [s356] is nothing but a no-good, cowardly assasin.
> He attacked an unarmed noble which was minding his own business
> and killed him. If you see him, be on your watch. If you believe
> in justice please slay him on sight. This lowly dog will find
> himself swinging from the closest tree if I get my hands on him.
> -- Brotherhood of Shao-Lin [ew7]
>aka targ the mouthy
>s186 ct39 o1 100 9 48 2 Castor Troy
>x486 v49 o1 100 9 2 349 Keyser Soze
>s219 v49 o2 100 9 4 160 x486 Targ the Mouthy
>m505 v49 c450 100 9 60 Marshall Law
>M'yin Azoshai [p991]
>Rhao iye-Sama'an [p803],

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