To the faction of the late Max [105866], (

Martin Lind Jans (
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 08:54:21 +0200

To the faction of the late Max [105866], (

Spare us your mr. Innocent approach, you where seen stacked with nobles =
which had invaded our territory in spite of warnings to leave. So the =
next time you whine about being killed because you participated in an =
invasion you might consider not to invade at all.

All your references to dogs also gives away that you had more than one =
noble in the area. By the way, you shouldn't be from the same faction as =
the Mad dog which himself where behind a massacre of innocent nobles?

Here's the evidence:

Elven Forest [da46], forest, in Provinia, wilderness
Seen here:
Garrison [9241], garrison, on guard, with ten soldiers
G O M [144424], "Guest of the Enclave", with 74 soldiers, eight =
92 riding horses, accompanied by:
El Puerco [117620], "Guest of the Enclave", with 40 crossbowmen,
ten elite archers
Son Of The Dog [83625], "Guest of the Enclave", with 20 workers,
ten elite guard, three soldiers
Max [105866], priest, "Woof", with two riding horses

Sudshire [t91], city, in province Sea of Grass - Sudshire [da48]

Inner locations:
Maddog's Memorial [5284], temple, defense 10, owner:
Max [105866], priest, "Woof", with four riding horses
Tower of Petals Falling [k189], tower, defense 40
New castle [137096], castle-in-progress, 3% completed
New [7588], tower-in-progress, 0% completed

Rest in peace,
Lord Targ, emmisary of the Duchy of Aquilonia


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