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Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:24:37 EDT

I thought this area was open country.
I had read the castle in dk45 was destroyed by the lords.
I assumed a priest alone traveling from drassa to harn
while looking about for cities and what they sold, bought, would be safe.
What were you thinking?
Attack anything that moves?
Better tell all your friends to come for a visit and stay for awhile.
One if by land two if by see. This time i'm comming.

2: Max [105866], priest, behind 9, with two riding horses
2: Garrison [115327] is victorious!
2: Garrison lost one soldier.
2: Max [105866] was killed.
14: It has become quite foggy.
17: It has begun to rain.

Province controlled by The Shadow [9718], castle, in The Mountains of
Madness [dk45]
Ruled by Miyamoto Mushashi [d015], duke

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