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   | The Olympia Times                               times@olympia.rt.com |
   | March 28, 1992                                                  v3n1 |
   |                                                                      |
   | Turn 16  Circulation 56                                      "Plugh" |
                   Orders due:  Friday, April 3, 1992

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

Some players have asked for faster turns (although a lot of these requests were during the slowdown). Some have said that if turns come faster than once per week, they won't be able to keep up. Is one turn per week too slow? Turns could be due every Friday, and I would send reports out Friday night or Saturday morning. Let me know what you think.

Many of the game improvements this turn are below the surface, bug fixes and rewrites of parts of the Olympia progam. As such you may not notice many changes, but having clean and beautiful code will pay off in the long run.

The recent publicity in rec.games.pbm has attracted many new signups. I will be adding these players soon to a distant, unexplored part of the world. Build your ships and mount your horses!

Many have asked for this command, here it is:

TEACH [days]

Teach a skill or spell. Days defaults to 14 if not specified.

The studying and teaching units should stack together. While one a unit issues the TEACH order, stacked units which STUDY the same skill will learn from the teacher. The position of the teaching and studying units within the stack is unimportant.

Several units may study from one teacher. Several teachers may exist in the same stack, each teaching different skills.

Units stacked with a teacher will learn a skill 25% faster if the teacher has a higher level of the skill than the studying units.

Spells may be learned from a teacher in 7-14 days of study.


Egad, that is terrible news about Gorbachev. I do suppose 32-to-1 odds was a bit much for a simple arrest. Still, he knew the laws, and I had warned him privately about minding his manners. It is another grievous blow to me that people refuse to learn the value of peace and justice.

Perhaps I wax philosophical as I rest easy here, lounging within the Cave of Sythnar. It is pleasant to simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty of our great land, far from the cares and day-to-day struggles of politics.

Please post notices so that people realize that Pactra and Hothras have protective garrisons in them, although not as large as my force in Drassa. I want them to realize that the Peaceful People of Pelenth's Protectorate can go about their daily business, free from fear of murder or thievery (or at least with the assurance that such acts will be avenged; there is little else one can do).

I grow weary of the demands of office. Port Aurnos has a certain small-town charm, and is only a stone's throw from this beautiful cave. South Charrick is just a few days' ride away, and houses the School of Combat. There is enough traffic to fight off boredom, but not the pressing crowds of Drassa. Perhaps I will send settlers here when I return from holiday.

As always, my best regards,


The answer to last weeks riddle:

"What animal walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?"

is : a human!

As a baby the human crawls on all four, in his healthiest years he walks on two legs and when he is old, he needs a stick to support him, thus walking on three legs!

Now this weeks riddle is a little more mathematical, since our "beloved" elder wizard (especially elder) finds my riddles too simple. (Let's see if he can crack this one.)

Let's say you've just been ambushed by the Sherrif's men and you've been woun- ded, but you survived although the Sherrif pulled every dirty trick that was (not) in the book. Anyway you've been wounded. Luckily you meet a druid who has a life-restoring liquid he is willing to share with you. Let's say he has 8 units in total.

He also has three bottles: one big one in wich he keeps the 8 units(these 8 u- nits fill merely the bottom in this big bottle.) Bottle no. 1 # This bottle will be referred to as bottle 1. Bottle no. 2 # This bottle has a volume of 5 units. Bottle no. 3 # This bottle has a volume of 3 units.

The druid says if you can fill one bottle with exactly 4 units, you may keep them. But as usual there is a catch: You may only poor the liquid seven times!

The answer, once again in the next edition of this fabulous, free-distributed chronicle.

The Death of another year. That last moon just shot by...

He looked up from His books, and wandering the halls of the tower, noticed that His guild had a new master. While He didn't mind giving Remilai the guild leadership, this new Arhhain was a different kettle of fish. How dare some young upstart claim authority over HIM!

Snarling, He plotted. Elections would be necessary. And He would win them.

And that meddilesome riddler, the answer as any half witted curator knows, must be 'a man'.

The Quick Olympia Crossword (2) =============================== Just to make life more interesting, I'm including a prize for the crossword. Every week, anyone who wants can send me their answers. The one with the most answers correct gets 5 gold from Kaspar [581]. If you get the whole thing correct, he'll give you 10 gold. In the case of ties, the money is divided between the winners. I doubt that there will be ties, there will probably be no-one doing the crosswords anyway. I'll also take votes to a) make it harder b) make it ONLY Olympia and remove anything not relating to Olympia (I am working on this but it's a bit difficult) c) drop the crossword completely d) Publish the names of the winners e) Make it easier (I thought it was anyway) Send votes/submissions to "Rob@ccc.govt.nz") And please be (semi-) polite, I'm still learning how to write crosswords.

_____________________________________ |1 |2 |3 | |4 |5 |##|6 | | 7| | 8| Clues Across |__|__|__|__|__|__|##|__|__|__|__|__| ============ |9 | | |##|10| |##| |##| |##| | 1) Province in Sheriff's protection |__|__|__|##|__|__|##|__|##|__|##|__| accessed by 1007 | |##|11|12| | |##|13| | |##| | 6) Skill [106] |__|##|__|__|__|__|##|__|__|__|##|__| 9) An heroic poem |14|15| | | | | | |##|16| | | 10) Expression of position |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|##|__|__|__| 11) Written column of things |##|17| |##|##| |##|##|18|##|##| | 13) a Friend (colloquial) |##|__|__|##|##|__|##|##|__|##|##|__| 14) Something Osswid's post in the |19| | |20| | |21|22|##|23|24| | rules says you can't do without |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|##|__|__|__| permission | |##|25| |##|##|26| | | | |##| 16) Reason for playing Olympia |__|##|__|__|##|##|__|__|__|__|__|##| 18) Unit, single |27| |##|##|28|29| | |##| |##|30| 19) What someone has done to cause |__|__|##|##|__|__|__|__|##|__|##|__| combat | |##|31| | | | | | | |32| | 23) To tell a falsehood |__|##|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__| 25) Hello |33|34| |##| |##|##| |##|35| | | 26) What last weeks Olympian Times |__|__|__|##|__|##|##|__|##|__|__|__| thinks we should have done for |36| | | | | |##|37| | | |##| elections |__|__|__|__|__|__|##|__|__|__|__|##| 27) Of or pertaining to

28) What I shall be in when my boss finds what I'm spending time on 31) Ocean or Sea South and West of Tollus, Nallos etc 33) Night bird 35) Before 36) Swamp west of Drassa 37) to wear or put on

Clues Down ========== 1) + 19) Harbour Province to South and West of Drassa (4,6) 2) Advertisement (abbrev) 3) Northern Province between Cnossa and Antrask 4) Item used for smoothing wood 5) Command to engage in combat 6) Papers needed to navigate around 7) Drassa and Ferenth 8) Use the SET command to do this to defaults 12) Exists 15) Organic things do this when dead 17) Over or above 18) 6th note in diatonic scale of 'C' major (or so my dictionary says) 19) see 1 down 20) Artificial Intelligence (Abbrev) 21) Bad, harmful or Sinful 22) Being infatuated or excessively fond 23) A note, missive or epistle 24) The essential essence of the individual 28) A foot covering 29) Expression of Surprise or Triumph. Hectare (abbrev) 30) Historic measure of 45 inches (114 cm) 32) Inland Revenue Department (Abbrev) 34) Western Antresk (abbrev)

Quick Olympian Crossword (1) Answers ==================================== Across ====== 1) Olympian 7) So 8) CEO 9) Southern 11) Captain 14) Use 15) Do 17) Rimmon 20) I 21) Near

Down ==== 1) Ossicus 2) Loo 3) Mat 4) Ice 5) Aerondor 6) Negation 10) Upper 12) As 13) Acme 16) On 18) In 19) Ma 20) I

Last turn, our so noble sheriff caused his lackey to attack and destroy the defenseless merchant Gorbachev!

According to sources, Gorbachev was not only one of the most powerful members of our community, but had a recent feud with Pelenth. Neither warning nor quater was given. Nor had gorbachev done harm, though he had broken one of our "good" sheriff's laws. Gorby had not persuaded one of another player's men, but had instead co-opted lord Oswid's man. Surely that worthy is capable of protecting his own men without Pelenth's sword getting in the way.

Down with Pelenth!

Doom to the Fascist Sherriff protector of those who can protect themselves!


Elections --------- We, the Dancing Mammoths, want to organize the elections in the imperial city of Cnossa. This will be the first part of the game of elections, to enjoy yourself voting for the best politicians in Olympia. The greatest of them, and the last elected will be the Emperor, and during all the next months, you will elect the master of your guild. We propose, when we will be elected in our future position of Master of the Performers Union, to organize the conferences and to make lots of prospection to examine the candidates for situations of Guild Master. We will then publish in the Olympia Times the results of our researches, so you can vote for the best candidate.

Circus ------ There will be here in Cnossa a big spectacle: you are invited to come to see the greatest clown of Olympia, the tallest man too, and the fastest one -- the cannon man --. You will see our two Mammoths, and our tigers, and our baby seals, and our giant mouse (Mickey is its name), and our family of ducks...

Vote for the Dancing Mammoths and you will be happy

Dancing Mammoths [1141]

You are less than five feet tall ? Then, you know what humiliations and torments mean. For sure, you don't want to keep living that way, but mayby you don't know what you can do against that, as you can see those tall contemptuous persons everywhere. I can give you an alternative to this life. Just follow me and share my great dream : a country for the little ones, a place where we could live together and for ourselves. I know we can find such a place, and I promise to lead you to this paradise. That is the best occasion of your life, don't let it go ! FOLLOW ME !

Naignag, the visionary.

Fellow Mages, our rightful leader is off exploring fabled Carolingia.

Whilst he is gone, I feel it only right that we elect ourselves a new leader.

Should I be so chosen, I pledge the following:

1: To spend money to provide a worthy defence for our towers. No longer must we be weighed down by weapons, I shall organise a regular paid guard.

2: To use guild funds to futher promote the creation of the Librarim of All Magic. To this extent, guild members will be reimbused in part for the time that they put forwards on this project. Any additions please send to bill@comp.vuw.ac.nz, and you will be rewarded.

3: To promote the guild as a whole, and ensure that we retain our rightful place as foremost in the council of guilds.

Vote now, vote right, vote for he who gives YOU the power. Vote Merlinium [537]

>< M ><

Zafol, experienced shipbuilder, will build the ship you've always dreamed of ! order now !! tomorrow it might be too late !!!

Zafol, naval engineer

(and don't forget : vote for ME !)

What is that ?!!! Is the Sherrrriffff crasy or what ?!! Killing people like that, honest people making honest business !!!! At any moment, this single man may decide that someone is outlaw and kill him legally, that can we accept ?

So YOU , sherrrrifff ! Give the crowd of angry people proofs of your good intentions, and PROVE the guiltyness of all this men you did kill.

>From now, you should be no more than an executioner, and act ONLY when the crowd that made you sheriffff of Drassa asks you to.

One shouldn't rule the world, unless people want it.

This is why I ask everyone to come and meet at Drassa's hall next month, every day, and speak about all these problems.

Bohor, an honest merchant who don't want to end by the and of anyone's minions.

please mail to gossner@ens.ens.fr to discuss this problems and try to figure what olympia's political system should be.