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   | The Olympia Times                               times@olympia.rt.com |
   | March 24, 1992                                                  v2n8 |
   |                                                                      |
   | Turn 15  Circulation 58                            "Monster Madness" |
                   Orders due:  Saturday, March 28, 1992

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

set TRACE 0/1

Turn off or on verbose transaction tracing. Tracing will show specifically how many men or inventory items a unit has after every command which changes them.

Example output with tracing:

1200: > transfer 1209 0 2 1200: 8 men transferred to 1209 1200: Men now 2 1209: Men now 19. 1209: > get 1200 5 2 1209: Got 2 small boats [5] from 1200. 1209: Small boats [5] now 3. 1200: Small boats [5] now 0. 1200: > work 1 1200: Will work for 1 day. 1200: Earned 3 gold. 1200: Gold [1] now 27.

Roving Reporter's Column ========================

Do we need Liberated ? ======================

Our roving reporter recently passed through the Province of Pactra and noted the start of a disturbing trend which seems to have advanced upon the walls of our fair Drassa itself. Messages purporting to be from the "Drassian Liberation Organization" seem to have popped up in both places, abusing our dear sheriff and recommending he be put down. (I refer to the "Down with the Sherriff" and "The Sherriff is a fink" messages posted during the last 2 months).

Is this the start of an underground movement ? Is it a groundswell of public opinion rising against the law and order our great sheriff has bought to Drassa and the surrounding region ? Or is it merely the depraved mutterings of a single malcontent ?

What will the Sheriff do to combat this rising tide of discontent ? Will it be violent ? And will he sell tickets ?

Who are the "Drassian Liberation Organization" ? Are they really a force to be reckoned with ? And will they ever learn to spell "Sheriff" and "Organisation" ?

These questions (and many others yet to be asked) will (or probably won't) be answered in the next exciting instalment by our roving reporter.

The answer to last weeks question: "What has a tongue, but never speeks?

A Shoe!

Now this weeks riddle is an ancient one, but for the (very few) ones who don't know this one yet, here it is. Think about it.

What animal walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?

The answer, once again in the next edition of this fabulous, free-distributed chronicle.

The Quick Olympia Crossword =========================== This was intended to be completely drawn from Olympian background etc, however my brain failed me during generation, so while half of it is related to Olympia, some are more general clues. I promise to try better next time !!

_________________________ |1 |2 | |3 | |4 |5 |6 | Clues Across |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__| ============ |7 | |##| |##|8 | | | 1) One who lives where we all are |__|__|##|__|##|__|__|__| 7) Southern Ocean (abbrev) |9 | |10| | | | | | 8) Chief Executive Officer (abbrev) |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__| 9) Direction [1001] takes to Drassa | |##| |##|##|##| | | 11) The title of [1207] |__|##|__|##|##|##|__|__| 14) Command to access a skill one has |11|12| | |13| | | | 15) To perform, produce or make |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__| 17) Province with an Upper and East Section |14| | |##| |##|15|16| 20) Me, myself |__|__|__|##|__|##|__|__| 21) Close-by | |##|17|18| |19| | | |__|##|__|__|__|__|__|__| Clues Down |##|20|##|21| | | |##| ========== |##|__|##|__|__|__|__|##| 1) Province bordering Drucarton and Pallia 2) Toilet (slang) 3) Rug The answers will be 4) Often found with snow published in next 5) Province bordering Pentara and Pirn week's (month's ?) 6) Negation edition of the 10) Part of 17 across Olympia Times 12) Adverb and conjunction. Also a copper coin 13) Wiley Coyote's preferred Supplier 16) Not under 18) Contained 19) Mother (slang) 20) Me, myself

As all have seen, in the recently published Olympian Calendar. The great holiday of the Twilight Godess is a National Holiday. The typographical error is unfortunate though, it should have read

Winter 8 28 DARC'S NIGHT

And the following grows....

The BeastMaster Guild is growing as all can see.

The Need for a Master of the Herds is overdue.

Who is the greatest Equestrain of our Day?

The Four Horsemen Are Coming.

Campaign Promises are not necessary, friends shall

Prosper as the Enemies wither. The South Lands unite.

The Lore is revealed. And for a price, I can reveal the knowledge to you. I am not beyond sharing, I only seek to expand my knowledge of lore, for my benefit as well as yours. I will share the knowledge to all my patrons. If you wish to discuss patronage, write to NightShade [1218].

To Pelenth, Sheriff of Drassa.

Friend, it seems you are what divides the people of the Land. Many see you as the murderous vigilante who has taken hold of the Tower of Darkness in Drassa and kills any who oppose him. Why must people breed hate at anothers fortune?

Shall you place guards along the Roads and Rivers to watch the traffic that comes and goes from the Provinces under your protection? I do not suggest that you would harrass travellers, but you could protect the citizenry from known Murders and Thieves.

Do not lose hope, you have supporters, and we know that you use your good fortune to the benefit of all. May we prosper together.

It had been a productive month. Sure, things had gone wrong, but all in all He was pleased. Finally He had become an Elder Wizard, but three short steps away from being declared Arch Mage!

Pitty about the Labourers. They would have had to misbehave so that Gabriel turned them off the docks, and thus the Sherrif didn't pay. Then they had the audacity to come asking for some money. Well He sure taught them a thing or two.

Well the Phantom Riddler returned, again His keen mind, easily seeing that boots (or more likely given the city nature, a Shoe) was the answer.

Okelos having freshly recruited some more men was off again, it would be interesting to see how they did.

Still the secret of the amulet was denied him, soon, soon.

E- I have made a great journey from one shore of the continent to the other; my feet have strode where few have dared to travel. Thus, it is with great anticipation that I head back towards my beloved P. I know that a few of my old comrades are there as well. I received quite a letter from LJ about what he's been up to. I hope to see ES there in the near future. In his last letter, he mentioned barely escaping from a nasty Gorgon near PA. I'll have to get the entire story from him when I see him. By the way, thanks for the advice about performing as I travel. It seems to be helping my relations with the natives greatly (particularly the farm girls). I hope to see you as well. As ever your servant, -EE


I, Merlinium the grey, elder wizard of Drassa, am composing a librarium of all magic in the universe. In return for a little information, I am prepared to pay in either information or money. What I require is

1. Names of Spells (and spell number) 2. How long it look to learn the spell (and what level of magic research you were at) 3. How long it takes to attain a level of ability with a spell (and again what level of magical research you were at) ie how long it takes to go from level 0 to level 1 in the spell. 4. Blurb sheets for spells. 5. Time taken to cast spells (and what level you knew them at at that time).

Send the information to bill@comp.vuw.ac.nz

In return I will tell you TWO pieces of similar information. (ie spells for spells, casting times for casting times).

In particular I'm very interested in Lore sheets (I dont even know if they exist yet) for the various spells.

For those who prefer cash: 5 gold per piece of information. [I know its not much, but it means I can afford to pay you all]

First come, first served. For old knowledge that I already know (or someone else has already told me), I will tell you ONE different piece of arcane lore. .

Come fellow wizards, let us together learn the paths of Power.

Note to members: After compilation is complete, I shall distribute my findings to the assembly.

>< M ><

Don't let nobody rule the seas ! Vote for ME !!!

Zafol, peaceful naval engineer

Dear Faldred,

Having a wonderful time in South Charrick. This vacation is just the thing to soothe my nerves after that run-in with Murphy and his lot. I'll probably pop over into Tollus and Port Aurnos later in the month to see what all this fuss is about a Gorgon and a big snake. It will probably cheer up Dominic to see me again.

Word has reached me from our observant folk in Pactra that Gorbachev has been persuading members of other factions (specifically, he has persuaded Rodonus the Red). As this is contrary to the laws of my Protectorate, I'm asking you to go out and arrest him. Use no more force than necessary, but you'd better take along the Tower Guard, the Raiders, and the Hothras blokes to make sure he comes along peacably. It wouldn't do for some of his slavs to interfere; we'd have a big mess on our hands then.

In any event, the weather is marvelous. From the top of the School of Combat tower, you can even see the ocean! I've heard that there's a nice cave over in Tollus (where that nasty snake lives). I may decide to adopt it as my summer home, once I clean up the dreck.

Enjoy your time as deputy, and I expect I'll see you in the near future.



Remilai du Chat Gris gazed lovingly at the weathered documents spread out across his table. The Curators had done well, indeed; here was a complete map of the Five Nations. He had already written to the Guild at large, indicating that he left the Guildmastership in favor of Arhhain. Now there remained only one step.

Remilai strode to the bookcase in his room at the Magicians' Tower, and pulled forth an ancient tome, opening it to a page marked with a blue ribbon. 'To Gather: Prepare the circle and chant these mystical signs.' In minutes, the room was crowded: the Duncharlatans, the POEE =POPE=, the Peasants of Carolingia, the Picts, the Priest of Eris, Baronet Mondegreen stood nearby, looking confused. "My people," Remilai adressed them, "I have discovered the true location of Carolingia, and am calling you that we may travel there immediately."

Shocked silence his only reply, Remilai turned the page in his book, to a page marked 'Advanced Teleport'. A thick purple smoke poured forth from his fingertips, filling the room. When it cleared, the lord of the house of the grey cat and his entourage were out of Drassa, gone to seek their fortune elsewhere.

[In a faraway land, the adventure continues...]