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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-106 |
   | Februrary 23, 1999                                                   |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 106  302 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

A roast for me! How very thoughtfull of you Chris, I'm honored. Perhaps for a small loan I can persuade the Illustrated Man to loan me that nice suit with all the big buttons...Oh but wait, I guess he doesn't reside in Olympia anymore. Perhaps General Artemis's frind, that tailor from Silvermoon who sold me all those "Horse Rampant" banners and shirts could stitch up somthing acceptable for such a grand honor. Oh Ya is it okay if I bring my honored friend King Oleg? I hear he just had a new pair of socks made from Sir Codric's hair and can't wait to show them off.

-- Lord Foul [4172]

The Brotherhood of the Red God would like to announce it has accepted a contract from the Rimmon Muskateers to harrass the Lord's shipping and naval troop movements in the Camaris Straits. As part of this we recently landed on Camaris and burnt the Lord's invasion fleet. We hope PLATO doesn't mind this excursion into their territory.

All neutral ships in the waters between Camaris and Provinia east of the 50 longtitude line running through Harn should contact us so you are not caught up in this conflict. Any ships in these waters that have not contacted us will be considered hostile till we have determined otherwise.

On another note, we currently have Brothers in the Drassa region with little to do. We are currently looking for contracts of any sort (training, recruiting, raiding, patrol duty, etc) in this area or any of the nearby islands. We have ship transport and don;t mind travelling.

Please visit our web site at www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you. The Herald of the Brotherhood of the Red God

-- Wodan [d987]

Welcome to the great Australian Tourist Guide. Let me introduce my partner Bruce. I myself am Bruce. - Let us remind you to the rules of the Australian community. Rule 1: NO POOFTERS! Rule 2: No member of the tourist guide is to maltreat the Rimmos in anyway at all. If their is anybody watching. Rule 3: NO POOFTERS! Rule 4: I don't wanna catch anybody not drinking. Rule 5: NO POOFTERS! Rule 6: Their is NOOOOOOOOO rule 6. Rule 7: NO POOFTERS! - Tour Scheme: Day 1: Visit of the ruins of Musketeer Fort. We would like to warn for random electrical discharges. Day 2: Visit to the local ruins in Brucetown formerly known as Davchar. Day 3: Visit to the smoking ruins of Mount Olympus. Visitors are adviced to stay in because of the bad weather. Day 4: Visit to one of Australia's new graveyards CV70. We must advice visitors to follow the guide closely. The barriers make it rather difficult to reach. Day 5: Visit to Macchu Pichu. This historical site was just recently discovered and excavations are still in progress. Day 6: NEW The site at Bruceville formerly known as Othon. This hot new site accompagned by a newly graveyard has just been opened for the public. - We, Bruce and Bruce, would like to thank the following nobles for their particpation in this magnificient tour. - Orc,Virginie,Stud Muffin,Stewart Granger,Ba'alzamon,Danube, Achilles,crandor,Edythe Queen,Cassandra,Marie LaVaux, Pambisilia Vilk,Lydia II,Ronnie,Scorn,John Paul Jones, Lorimir the,Okami Nukdae,Thrix,Aonghus Og,Caksi Shikis, Charm,Desire,Lord Nelson,tempest,Trainee,Biter,Joey Spice, Silver Tongue,Patrick,Lugh,Purple Pistachio,Snog and Axlatl. - May the poofters rest in Peace. - And now we would like to ask you to join us in a minute's silence to remember Bruce and Bruce who gave their lives to provide you all with this wonderful tour. - - Thank you, and remember: - NO POOFTERS!!!! -

-- Bruce [f400]


In conjunction with the Traveler's Guide, we have published Maps showing the size and position of the twelve regions of Olympia and the claims made on these regions. They can be viewed on the Encyclopedia Olympia pages at:


We are working an updating these maps to reflect recent changes in claimed territories. Any who wish to report errors or clarifications to their territory should respond to the address below.

Breeding: There are a number of beasts that can be easily crossbred. Perhaps the most useful for newer factions are centaurs (271) which are a cross between horses (51 or 52) and peasants (10). Also of use are Minotaurs (272) which are a cross of oxen (76) and peasants (10). If you happen across a giant bird (281), you can breed it with peasants (10) to get harpies (285), a horse (51 or 52) to get a winged horse (54), or a giant lizard (282) to get a dragon (286). Finally, necromancers and alchemists may find it beneficial to crossbreed a rat (279) and a giant spider (278) to produce a ratspider (81).

A Testimonial:

>I am a newbie about to join O2 next tuesday (in Drassa), just >wanted to cheer you up a bit...your efforts ARE noticed. > >Yours is the ONLY (!!!) public accessible map of the whole >Olympia world, listing all continents, even if only roughly. >This is a HUGHE help for a clueless newbie trying to find out >in which direction to head - and I spent quite a few hours >searching the web (and am still pondering what the heck >to do after i have my nobles somewhat trained). > >So c'mon, get a few of the major alliances to add links to >your maps...(or is this just the naive hope of a green newbie?) > >Second, I hughly enjoyed your Enzyclopedia Olympia - keep up >this great work!

We leave this as a challenge to the major alliances =96 add a link to our site to help the newer players find their way in the world. -- Encyclopedia Olympia

Next: An update to the political world of Olympia

Submissions or suggestions may be sent to encoly@hotmail.com. Do not expect a reply, as the editors wish to remain anonymous.

His words were lost, alas;

Did you hear him whine and snort, when blowing winds never bray, And the poisoned bolts of a 1000 mages Fell short and failed to slay?

Did you see the proud man's blade, A wagging snake cast in red, Cleaving foe with pouting word, failing to retrieve the battle's dead?

Do you see the Socratic nose And Aristotelian chin? Now look between, see wiggling lips, And know: it speaks only sin.

Nestless, huh? Well, as being nestless means to be free, I guess that's not a bad thing in these times. With almost every faction in at least a little war being a freelancing bird holds certain perspectives. Or at the least holds less dangers than shouting out loud: "Here I am! And I will kick your asses! And I'm not alone! With me are the mighty Rimmon Crowns (or Lords of the Musketeers, or Aristotle, or KLINgoNS, name your own pseudo-superpower here)!" Or, for that matter, boasting: "Here I go! I am the best Lord around! I killed a rogue canine! Look how great I am!" And forgetting of course, that I was totally unprepared when first he struck within my realm. Posing of course is a nice way to intimidate the world, but too much makes you look like the marshmellow-man from Ghostbusters and not like an Olympian Hercules (or Xena, or Codfish, or CrazyCat, name your own would-be superhero here). 'Nuff said, I have to take care of the eggs now... - The Sparrow -

Here we go again, Catch us if you can!

Do I get 25 gold for this?

Bigger beats better almost every time, unfortunately.


Oh, for a still. I could make my own Scotch.

What's this letter I got in the mail. A draft notice. No way. Where's the border?

Do you smell smoke?


Who's guarding the boats?

Pig Foul will make a nice roast !!

The good captain had picked the wrong day for a stroll on the beach. But, like all good captains, he got to go down with the ship.

Who's affraid of the big bad wolf?

Honour is the best Policy!

Greeting Cacklers and Vermin,

This turn has seen many interesting developments.

Oleg is fuming for several reasons...the least of which is that his forces are fighting a losing battle...

Rimmonettes are also dazed and confused with their castles dissapearing faster than a maiden on prom night...

Lotc are trying to made do without all those lovely elite archers and elite guards they lost to PLATO. Poor little codpiece...Not only has he lost all those lovely troops, but now my visions tell me that two of the LOTC castles have been left undefended... why is this? Rimmon and PLATO are too powerfull for them to handle? Lets hope the Son of Codric can keep the lady safe from those waring hordes...

Borg forces are in danger of being taken to the cleaners by their neighbours...appearently their "merc's for hire" ethos is undesirable and they are seen as troublemakers...I heard from an important source, that the Rimmonettes see Borg as a pest and are considering a full scale attack(if they survive the LOTC rampage)

An attack on PLATO by pirates has seen another castle fall victim to the patethic attempt by LOTC to destroy Olegs minions of death and destruction.. There are rumours about some deal being struck there but details are not forthcoming...

Tibs have been unusually quiet...is something brewing? Eric seems to be holding his tongue...I wonder why?

Finially what of Cendage?....Will this Joker show his cards? Factions are dropping like flies I hear and his forces are depleating by the week. Perphaps it is time for the old fool to step aside and let some fresh blood take control...but then again those dragons have never been crimson...infact on closer inspection they appear to be yellow...

Well scum and scurvy await you all...

More detailed Gore soon......

The Black Heart of Hades.

Bonfire on the beach brought to you by the Muskateers Courtesy of the Brotherhood of the Red God War is our business And Business is GOOD

I find it interesting that my present choices are still shaped by chance actions taken over 100 turns ago. War continues to rumble in the east of Provinia and Camaris, with all manner of battles breaking out every turn. Strange that Hades is such a peaceful place compared to Olympia. Grow strong, my pretties.

-Seeker in Shadow


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