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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-94 |
   | December 1, 1998                                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 94  361 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

Regrettable Murder

As Speaker for the Eastern Krussos Factions, I address the regrettable death of one Bla'thnait [4822]

The noble in question did cross into our territory and did not make any attempt to contact any noble within these lands. This noble was allowed to exist more than one turn before a hostile decree was issued against the scouting noble. Through a lack of communication on either party this noble was the first to be executed by the Eastern Krussos Factions for trespassing, ever. Previous trespassers did identify themselves in a timely fashion (within one additional turn) and accommodations were reached with allowed all parties to understand the situation. Said noble had two turns to contact anyone in the territories controlled by the Eastern Krussos Factions, to state their intentions for violating our territory and crossing many garrisoned provinces. We do not expect to have to challenge every noble we might run across, nor should we pester our neighbors about nobles which may or may not be theirs.

The prior understanding between the Amazon-Celts the previous speaker had could be summarized by the following.

1. We do not tolerate scouting in our territory and will not scout territory controlled by Amazon-Celts. 2. Any border crossing should be identified immediately if not before such event happens. 3. We each reserve the right to secure our respective territory. 4. Trade inside our territory was forbidden as too high a security risk.

I cannot make that last point any more clearly. It was a principle decided early in the founding of Eastern Krussos and was made clear to Amazon-Celts who were a Merchant alliance. We did not seek to remove them from the continent and believe a peaceful coexistence is possible. So long as the territory boundaries worked out were respected all would be well.

Addressing other matters, The Eastern Krussos Factions are not in the habit of making repetitive decrees since all our neighbors are aware of out territorial policy (or so I believed.) Any noble wandering in is presumed to have passed through these neighboring territories and failing any contact with Eastern Krussos faction members, to be a scouting and presumably hostile noble. As there were explorers, eager to map the world, those same explorers left our territory with their skins intact and as much as possible of our territory unmapped. Due to the desire for anonymity, faction members do not challenge nobles via the g2 diplomacy e-mail repeater, as anonymity is lost in any direct challenge. As I am only Speaker for the Eastern Krussos Factions, I am not the leader, nor do I coordinate security for the factions. Delays and otherworldly distractions may have hindered an active probe into determining the origin of the scouting noble, but nothing would have been gained to challenge the noble, only to have the noble retreat out of our territory. Those with honest intentions tended to contact us rather than the other way around. It was a small measure of sincerity and courtesy to do so. Any armed stack would have been met with appropriate force. As it is the territories do not have a decree of hostile toward all. We understand that the curious or the uninformed (newbie) may wander into our territory looking for a place to settle away from the hot areas in g2. When contacted we explain their error and ask them to leave. Should there be no contact there should be no surprise that said nobles would be killed, especially during these uneasy times and talk of war and deceit.

Any contact with Eastern Krussos is directed to me, Speaker for Eastern Krussos Factions Stone Crown [en6]

-- Stone Crown [en6]

Greetings Olympians and a special hello to all Drassans.

If you are in the northwestern region of Olympia, please take a moment to look at our web household at: http://www.ip.pt/~ip231870/HoL.htm

It includes a map of the Kingdom of Cragstan and the surrounding area as well as important information for anyone wishing to visit our territory.

Live long and prosper, Lord Ralek Arkham Speaker for the House of Lords Kingdom of Cragstan

-- House of Lords [tq9]

You repeatedly threatened and told me what I couldn't do. You said "Go east young man." You called me predictable? You assumed I was dumb enough to raid the LOTC? You called my little sister a Sir. You shoulda kept your mouth shut. DUH! Hmmm, I beleive I'll head for the mountains. You've never seen the sign? Wherever you go, there you are "BEWARE OF THE DOG"

-- Maddog Roy Earl [g308]

Greetings from the Jackal Alliance!

The Jackal Alliance resides north-east of Port Aurnos between the noble Bandit Lords to our south and trustworthy TIBS to our north.

Rumor of war and controversy has been heard from both the Bandit Lords and TIBS. Jackal territory continues to enjoy peace having good relations with all of our neighbors. Anyone travelling through this region is encouraged to contact us information.

All nobles are welcome to travel freely throughout Jackal territory. Jackal claims rights to all resources and markets within our territory. We are happy to talk with anyone interested in settling in the region. We are always looking for new members or to lease access to unused resources.

Our group is always looking for new members. We have openings for nobles of nearly any possible occupation. We welcome any players looking for a group to join to contact us.

-- Lomar [3065]

Just a small correction. UDB forces never sat foot on LOTC territory. We were attacked solely because our neighbours the Horselords, declared ghazi on the loteks. To the best of our ability we fought to preserve what was ours, but against overwhelming odds. It can also be proved that spies and other forms of provocations were used by the loteks and the crimson allies long before the ghazi. However, we are not here to whine, we remain out there, fighting the enemy who chose to invade us, to the death. IC, do not lose faith.

Refusing to die LE MARROON The Grand Demagogue of The Undying Banner

-- Le Marroon [8637]


Poli = Many + Tics = Bloodsuckers

-- Tiger IIth [s634]

We do it Doggie Style...Woof Woof

Maddogs behind while I lead the way together we went to sweetwood today We pillaged the village just for the gold A move that seems to be just a bit bold now this is over we need some fresh air sit on your mountain we soon will be there

-- Marie [p849]

In need of more troops or a second flank? How about an armed escort through hostile wilderness or dangerous waters? Then contact "The Brotherhood of the Red God" (The BoRG), and for a modest fee we can send an escort by caravan on land or via ship in dangerous waters. In general we are swords for hire and for the right price, will attack almost any target. Please visit our web site at www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1843/borg.html or contact us at asgardian@bigfoot.com

May the Red God smile upon you.

-- Wodan [d987]


> Skills known: 74/74 1st >I win. When does g4 start? > -- Loopalootaloofa [wk7]

ummmm...aren't we playing g2 meaning g3 needs to start and you are jumping the pike for g4? But then I have been known to be brainless before. :)

Flippin' Frak.... This message goes out to --House of Lords [tq9] --Wodan [d987] --Hugh O' Neil The Guild of Merchants [6510] Please stop posting your stupid monotous messages every week. I read them the first week and the second week, then glanced at them the third week but now for the fifieth time you three all bore us every week! At least House of AedIcan'tspellwhat'shisname has moved onto land ownership and we no longer see his weekly boredom of spam. I...propose that you should only post your advertisments every fourth turn so for at least three turns I(we) do not have to sort thru the husk and junk of the Olympia Times. ---- No malice intended....yet ----Lady Escena Ps. Tiger IIth....If you weren't floating on some ocean I would stuff a gas-filled rag down your throat.

I see the Musketeer advanced scout force has arrived. Wait untill you guys get a load of the main fighting force.

Rumors of PLATO's imminent demise seem greatly exaggerated to me.

The Crimson Dragon's Web Site has been updated with some new information in the last week. Please feel free to vist at http://www.geocities.com/area51/stargate/9565.

Here's a rumor claiming that LOTC is already kicking RM butt.

King Oleg! Marry me and I'll never look at another horse! Love, Maltar

"The only reason Plato/IC wants you in this war is because LotC has Plato on the ropes on Camaris. Your attack might force a LotC withdrawl."

This may be their hope, but it looks like it's not going to work.

*zap* One more PLATO castle cleared.

From Times 93: Dood,

...Dood??, hmmm...

I see you as nothing but a fraud.

...The latest in a long series of them, to be precise, but special in my own way.

While I am no way related to Lord Foul

... I pass on the easy jokes here, there might be children watching.

you should realize that your words last issue were seem

... That's seen. I know that it's a rush to get your orders out, but we need to be better, all of us, about our spelling and grammar. There might be children watching.

as pompous.

... Well, use the preceding to sharpen your definition of pompous a bit.

Be sure to look deeper in the shadows

... What a silly notion, you can't see anything in the dark. From the dark, now that's a different story.

next time otherwise you might miss the prickling denoting the death of your shadowwalkers.

... Hmmmm, and here I thought that I needed to bleach my workout clothes.

Be aware Seeker.....

... Well, that was sort of the point, that I am somewhat aware.

Deeper Shadow

... Deeper something, anyway.

... I'd like to conclude by thanking this person, it's not often that a short-term fictitious front man of a fraction of a figment of the collective Olympian imagination gets any recognition at all. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks. Farewell.

-Seeker in Shadows


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