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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g2-43 |
   | December 9, 1997                                                     |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 43  258 players                             http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

The ceasefire between PLATO and the New Empire has ended. No progress was made in negotiations. Neutral parties are advised to stay clear of the Yellowleaf area.

-- Banquo's Ghost [ah7]

In an effort to control some rumors that have been started in the Times, the g2 list, and in the halls of diplomacy, TIBs would like to make the following announcement(s).

In last issue of the Times there was a rumor posted by the Shadow Alliance. The post stated that the Shadow Alliance (hereafter SA) were going to "intervene in the current TIBs/STC situation on Tollus". This post went on to refer to "the war on Tollus" and advised new factions not to start in Drassa because the area is "extremely volatile".

TIBs has contacted SA and they claim that they did not author that post. They believe it to be sent by somebody that has issue with them. We would like to state, for the record, that this post is as near to 100% false as possible. There is hardly a "situation" on Tollus, and there certainly is no war. As far as the safety of the Drassa region goes, there has never been a sighted or reported attack on a noble within 20 provinces of Drassa. The area is totally safe.

We would like to assure the SA and the STC that TIBs was not responsible, nor do we know who is responsible, for that post. And to the player or group that did post it: if you have issue with the SA, take it up with them. In the future, please leave TIBs out of your rumors.

Last week's post ref the SA, and previous posts by SA prominately mentioning TIBs, has lead some people to believe that SA and TIBs are somehow related. Possibly one in the same, or at least allied. These assumptions are not true. TIBs and SA are not related in anyway. We have no formal alliance or agreement. We have had sporadic contact with the leadership of SA and consider them a strong, helpful, and to this point truthful diplomatic contact....much as we view other major alliances in Olympia. Any of you that have visited SAs web site, and TIBs web site, know that our two groups share vastly opposing viewpoints on how to interact with the world and with other players. We see no way in which to reconcile these base differences. As such, the chances of alliance or detailed cooperation between our two groups are slim. Until such time as the SA interferes with TIBs holdings we view them with neutrality and wish them luck in their efforts.

There has also been speculation by some that TIBs was behind the formation of the Grand Council of Ambassadors. Again, this is not true. TIBs was honored to be asked to be one of the original 5 founding members of the council, but, we cannot take credit for the formation or overseeing of the council. We are merely a single seat holding member just like every other group on the council. We hold no sway over the council or it's decisions.

And finally in ref to Tollus. It is our sincere hope that the "situation" will soon be laid to rest. TIBs and STC are currently negotiating a treaty that will divide the continent in a fair and equitable way between our two groups. I would like to make this final plea to any groups on Tollus to contact myself or Walt Pesch of the STC. It is our intent that this treaty will effectively assign ownership of every single province on the continent of Tollus to either the STC or TIBs. Groups on Tollus should either ally themselves with STC or TIBs for the duration of these negotiations or make their presence known and join the negotiations as a third party. Factions not on Tollus but wishing to come to Tollus should be aware that it is already quite crowded in terms of castles and garrisons. Those players looking to build a castle should look elsewhere. Those looking for land to travel, trade or build other structures in will be welcome in the TIB controlled areas of Tollus after ratification of the treaty.

We hope that this message has put to rest some of the more popular rumors floating around. If you have any questions about these points, or any other questions about TIBs, please feel free to contact me at: Seehawk42@aol.com

-- Lords of Hammerhill [gz2]

The area around Yellowleaf is controlled by PLATO. Any faction may gather any resources they like. Combat between factions is prohibited. We welcome all newcomers to the area.

-- Incognito Illuminiti [lp3]

News from the Lords of the Crown:

Fellow Provinians,

Spread the news, let it be known to all that the land west of 71 and east of 58 , going north from CT to the Great Ocean in the south, has been divided and claimed in total agreement in the Council of Lords.

All who contacted us agreed on the division and will respect the borders as defined in the Council. Everybody who disagrees, hasn't contacted us yet for some reason, wants to change his mind should contact Sir Codric now, or hold his silence forever. Now things can be changed, ammendements will be made, in a few months that will no longer be possible. The time to react is now.

Because our open Lord is sometimes hard to reach, you can sent your message to sircodric@hotmail.com, they will take care of it.

May we all live in peace and harmony,

so speaks the open Lord of the Crown,

-- Sir Codric [3910]

Although their ranks have swelled considerably in recent months, we are pleased to announce that there is one new site open for development on the territory claimed by the Harn Alliance. Battle hardened veteran or entrepreneurial newbie, please contact me or tmots@freewheeling.com. To all our sources: We are still open for information- trading and advice, so please file your reports.

-- Stuart LaGavulin [1619]


We found the crown in the filthy lair of some rats. They stank, and the crown, covered in rat droppings, stank as well. The leader of the expedition sent it to the castle alchemist for analysis.

The castle alchemist put it aside, for he had many other things to do -- Gold! from Lead! It sat in the vault (in a corner, necessairly, as it was still covered in feces).

Soon, the tax collectors began reporting increased crop yields. The herds flourished, and business was booming. The population grew dramatically, and with the excess gold the castle began outfitting more and better troops. The Earl smiled blissfully. He was such a good leader.

But the castle mage knew better, and took the crown from the vault and hid it away. Its effect still benefited the region, but it was in less danger from thieves.

One night, the mage felt a cold hand on his neck. The mage awoke and struggled, but the hand was too strong. The hand reeked of dust and death and money. It choked the life out of the mage, and took the crown back to its rightful place. The body was found in the morning.

Know this, foolish mortal: The Crown is cursed!

You wouldn't believe what the underworld is like! Truly it's worth it!

## _-/ \-_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ ##------------------------------## \---_ / \ __---/ \ -- /__ 9 __\-- / \ / ---__ __--- \ / \ / ___---___ \ / \/__--- ---__\/ 4 ------------------ 8

Yvengi is a louse!

If no one had noticed!!! Newsletter #42 was extremely lame... Thanks to all you deadbeat ,paranoid ,xenophobic ,Isolationist's. Over 250 players with less than 7 rumors and only 3 messages. So wake up out there and make this game fun for everyone not just the power hungry Isolationists... The Philosopher...

Shadow Alliance!?! Perhaps you guys should rename your Alliance something more fitting ,like Instigators Anonymous... The Philosopher...

If you TIB goons don't like the first come first serve offer then you just feel free to do whatever you like and when we run across your garrison's we will kick your icy black butts right off Tollus. So beware.

Yvengi is not the only one that thinks Oleg is a louse.

Official Shadow Alliance Public Announcement. ID TSA-666-731

As many of you will have gathered, the last Shadow Alliance Times announcement was a hoax.

Such is the problem with a secretive alliance. As of yet we have no members who are willing to risk placing public announcements and so, for the time being, the rumors must go on. However, we can take action to hopefully prevent the same from happening again.

We have been able to narrow down the list of possible suspects to three. Unfortunately for two of these factions, we have been unable to narrow the list down any further.

From the start of this turn, all three factions have a shadow - they are all being tracked by our bounty hunters. The next time their is a hoax posting in the times, claiming to be from the Shadow Alliance, these factions will be destroyed. We apologise to the factions that are not involved in advance. And to the person responsible for the hoax, if they intend a repeat performance - the death of two innocent factions will be on your head. We don't like to make these kind of threats, but under the circumstances the High Council have decided (in a majority vote) that this is the only suitable course of action.

We would also like to stress that there is no connection whatsoever between The Shadow Alliance and the TIBs Alliance. Due to the recent connection between our two groups (the hoax posting last month) the leader of the TIBs has voiced concern that we will be seen as in some way connected. We would like to stress that at the moment we have a You leave us alone and we ll leave you alone agreement with the TIBs, and have no plans to change this in the foreseeable future.

I would also like to publicly apologise to the TIBs alliance for any harm that last months posting has caused them. I hope they may be content in the fact that the felon will be dealt with severely.

Back to pressing business.

Many people (including several new members) have automatically assumed that if we intervened on the current situation between PLATO and the New Empire, it would be on the side of the New Empire. However, the High Council have met and voted unanimously that it is in fact PLATO that we support in this conflict.

After speaking with both alliances, we have found PLATO uch more willing for peace. It seems that Banquo s Ghost believes that the dispute could be settled just as easily through war as through politics. So be it.

As from next turn, PLATO has the support of the Shadow Alliance. Although at this time, we feel it to be unnecessary to actively participate, should the situation arise we will gladly send our armies against the New Empire. So it is written, so shall it be done.



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