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   | The Olympia Times                                         issue g2-7 |
   | April 1, 1997                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 7  150 players                              http://www.pbm.com/ |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

* * *

Player-contributed press

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The following is an official announcement by the Guardians of the Realms.

Good people of Provinia, I wich to inform you that we, The Guardians of the Realms, have claimed Province cg22 and its surrounding provinces (cf21 - 23, cg21 - 23, and ch21 - 23) as our militart base of operations. Official, claim of these provinces will begin on Turn 8, therefore, giving you all 1 month (1 game turn) to cease any and all activities within these provinces. Anyone with construction underway within these provinces is to contact me IMMEDIATELY!

This area will be used to train and house our military forces. All are free to travel through these provinces but certain restriction must and will be enforced. The following restrictions are: No one is allowed to mine, harvest, fight, build, chop, recruit or do ANYTHING within these provinces and their inner locations with the EXCEPTION of trading, training, studying and researching, without our prior approval.

Those wishing to trade with us or who wish to seek approval for any of the other above restrictions please send an emissary to protect01@aol.com and wait for approval.

Any units found in violation of any of the above restrictions will be held, fined, confiscated and/or attacked if necessary.

I wish to thank the people of Provinia as we pledge our allegience to the protection of the citizens of Provinia.


Guardian Brightstar, Lord and Commander, Guardians of the Realms

-- Guardians of the Realm [bs2]

The Free Drassan Trade Guild is up and running! Still available spots for Drassans who want to make money, the safe, easy way. Please send a message to theclerk@bridge.net for a free information packet outlining our rules and benefits. No obligation, but if your interested, just fill out the easy to use application form included in your packet.

-- Blue Velvet Guild [ct2]

The first commodity is now available in Harn, courtesy of the Guild of Free Traders. Enjoy!

-- Guild of Free Traders [fg4]

We have a new world before us. This unknown, unexplored land mass is just waiting for someone to find all it has in store.

We, The Travelers, are attempting to map this large world, but we can not do it alone. If you would be willing to donate the land portions of your turn to our efforts, we will be collecting that data and sending out maps to our contributitors.

We also collect land claims and lore information.

Send us mail: hc8@g2.pbm.com!

-- The Travelers [hc8]

The Free Citizens of Drassa would like to salute all in the Drassa area that have helped make Drassa the bustling center of commerce that it is!

-- Free Citizens [kh2]

Greetings from the Lost Magi. Finding the gates is exceeding painful with "diamond" circles.

-- Lost Magi [qb2]

>1 - How do you find out what each item is and what it is used >for? Example: Pipeweed and Pitch, what are they? What's their >usefulness?

Well, you could start by reading the rules. Pitch is used for repairing ships. As for pipeweed, I'm not sure. It's most likely used either for some obscure magical rite, or for trading.

>2 - Also, Once you begin to study a Skill in a City, do you have to >finish studying it there or can you move to other places and finish >your studies as you move about?

You can finish studying them anywhere.


>I got a few questions to the EVIL answer-gay.

>1.When I summon my undead army, can I give them to my lieutenant and >they will fight for him in battle or will he have to learn beastmaster >skills for this?

As undead are not beasts, you do not need beastmastery to fight with them. Anyone can use them in battle.

>2.What about if I want to give him an deamon lord?

Go ahead. Just remember that the lieutenant can't banish him or renew the bond.

>3.Can you pillage severall times in the same province each month and >do you recive 1/3 of the taxbase before your last pillage?

You can pillage multiple times, but each time you will only recieve 1/3 of the new tax base. (e.g. 1/3 the first time, 1/9 the second time, 1/27 the third time, etc.)

>4.Is it as funny as it sounds to capture unarmed nobles and sacrifice >them to the Evil and Wicked One?

It doesn't sound funny at all to me.

>5.Are the AOO in the game and do they accept new members?

Some of the AOO are in g2, but I don't know whether they have banded together again. I don't expect the to be a major power this time, though. As for joining, you'd be best off contacting one of them. Try Bron Nelson .

-- Sarah Dragonsbane [3911]

The Draconian Alliance claims the Camarian cities Nightfrost, Balatea, Caracatus and "The" along with all provences within three squares of these cities. Please let me know in advance if you plan any activities within this territory.

Baelrath 7079

-- Baelrath [7079]

This shall serve as public notice that the Lambent Crimson Glow claims provinces cj-cm by 22-24 for its own. All are free to travel through this area, but none are allowed to mine, harvest, fight, build, recruit or do ANYTHING else at this time (except for trade) without obtaining our approval. Have a nice day.

-- Griswold The Red [6881]


Yellowleaf factions cannot tell the truth if they want to!

## _-/ \-_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ ##------------------------------## \---_ / \ __---/ \ -- /__ 4 __\-- / \ / ---__ __--- \ / \ / ___---___ \ / \/__--- ---__\/ 2 ------------------ 3

Yvengi is a louse!

In the fullness of time, both chaos and order shall rise again, served by many and understood by few. Those who seek order shall follow chaos, and those who follow chaos shall seek order; and only the balance shall know which path they tread. From an autumnal city shall a blight arise, its streets shall run red when the yellow legion sallies forth. The children of the angels shall seek harbors of haven, and quit a new land for harbors of lore.

The demons of light shall return summoned by their servants, and in their hubris, they shall seek to ascend the roof of the world. The hand of an ancient order shall master its puppets, and throughout the new land shall their cohorts hold sway. The city of purple shall be overshadowed by their malice, while greed and bloodshed stalk the earth's heart.

"The Peasant's Tongue: An Oral History of Olympia"

Just a word of advice to those who keep posting "we claim all of this" notices in the TIMES. Remember, claiming it isn't keeping it; and having it NOW isn't _holding_ it later.

See you around, mates...

(A friendly bit from those folks at one of those "Evil Overlord" HQ's, located at the bottom of a secret sewer somewhere near you...!)

"Travel south from either Harn or Yellowleaf is not recommended."

-The Anonymous Travel Guide


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