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   | The Olympia Times                                         issue g2-6 |
   | March 25, 1997                                                       |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 6  147 players                              http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

Player-contributed press

Two question for "The Answer Guy"

1 - How do you find out what each item is and what it is used for? Example: Pipeweed and Pitch, what are they? What's their usefulness?

2 - Also, Once you begin to study a Skill in a City, do you have to finish studying it there or can you move to other places and finish your studies as you move about?

Thank you

-- Guardians of the Realm [bs2]

The Free Drassan Trade Guild is now accepting members. No fees! No gimmicks! Protection and information provided. All those interested please send carrier pidgeon to: theclerk@bridge.net (only Drassans need apply)

-- Blue Velvet Guild [ct2]

Let it be known that The Element Alliance has discovered and claimed the continent of Krussos for its development. Adventurous Players are advised to avoid this continent for the time being. Tresspassers if caught will be dealt with harshly. Ignore this warning at your own peril, the Element Alliance endeavors to be fair but will act forcefully if necessary.

-- Stone Crown [en6]

We have a new world before us. This unknown, unexplored land mass is just waiting for someone to find all it has in store.

We, The Travelers, are attempting to map this large world, but we can not do it alone. If you would be willing to donate the land portions of your turn to our efforts, we will be collecting that data and sending out maps to our contributitors.

We also collect land claims and lore information.

Send us mail: hc8@g2.pbm.com!


Travelers Warning: Those traveling south of Greyfell should be carefull of mobs of angry peasants. Recent pillaging has created several groups attacking the pillagers and travelers alike.

-- The Travelers [hc8]

Greetings from the Lost Magi. Has anyone figured out the "rules" for city rumors?

-- Lost Magi [qb2]

From the diary of Oswald Vingt:

Our journey north continues; it is a lonely voyage, but as the only ship to set sail from Greyfell, we have the honor of being the first to sail the waters we pass through. The waters grow cold as we sail north, and the skies darken with the late season, but I am more concerned with our lack of pitch than the cold northern climate. Luckily our ship rides high in the water; we should be able to withstand a fair amount of damage without running into trouble.

One thing I have noticed out of the ordinary:

9: Hungry looking birds circle overhead.

I wonder if others in this world know what this could mean?

-- Oswald Vingt [4741]

N E W S F R O M T H E E M P I R E ---------------------------------------

This is rumour control!

Some of you will have noticed that West Yellowleaf is undergoing a civic facelift in the form of The Crimson Citadel, a castle wholly owned by the members of the New Empire. Some of you have also expressed concern over the fact that a stronghold is being built so close to one of the most densely populated areas in the game.

One of you even went so far as to post a forged rumour declaring Yellowleaf and it's surrounding provinces our exclusive property (thank you for that one).

These are the facts.

The Empire lays claim to West Yellowleaf and the surrounding non-sea provinces over a six province radius. This radius will be called the Empire claim area for the purposes of this notice.

This claim means that the Empire reserves exclusive rights to build castles and garrisons in any and all of these provinces. Non Empire castles or garrisons within the Empire claim area will be destroyed.

Individual provinces will be designated as exclusive claims for the Empire. All resources within those provinces will be extracted by the Empire. There will be ample unclaimed provinces so that anyone else who wishes to extract resources within the Empire claim area may do so without affecting Empire operations.

No fighting will be tolerated within the Empire claim area. Any nobles caught seen using the attack command will be neutralised. This is _not_ dependent upon the attack being carried out against one of the Empire's factions or her allies. Take this as meaning that Empire lands are a designated safe area for all players. Stacks of more than 18 men or stacks containing more than 9 fighters will be neutralised as a precautionary exercise.

Buildings other than castles are encouraged within Empire lands. Under certain circumstances the Empire may provide materials to non-Empire members for the construction of such structures.

The Empire reserves the right to obtain exclusive control of trade routes between individual cities within the Empire claim area.

I hope this makes our position clear. If anyone feels hard done by over this, tough cookies. If anyone would like to lobby to become a full member faction within the Empire they should contact us through the diplomatic Email facility.

On a final note please be aware that all official communications from the Empire will be made through the PRESS facilities. All rumours may be taken as being completely unfounded.

Have a nice day *8)

-- Sharn [4085]


## _-/ \-_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ _-- / \ --_ ##------------------------------## \---_ / \ __---/ \ -- /__ 3 __\-- / \ / ---__ __--- \ / \ / ___---___ \ / \/__--- ---__\/ 1 ------------------ 3

Yvengi is a louse!

And the demons of light sought to overthrow the angels of darkness, and smote with spears of fire the roof of the world; and the stars fell from the heavens and the mountains were ground to dust; but neither did overcome the other; and many were laid low from high places.

Then did both seek refuge, from that which they had wrought; but neither the mountains nor the oceans did provide succor. The waters burned and boiled, and winds of fire swept the lands; dust covered all and the land was barren. Death's spirit stalked the earth, and many wailed lamentations; and none escaped death, but the children of the angels.

"The Peasant's Tongue: An Oral History of Olympia"

What do we see? Mount Entwaidamela? A charming place, with lovely peasant girls & gullable love crazed youngsters.

They say the ruler of Mount Entwaidamela will some day be a great man. Who knows, maybe that can be me!

Maybe I'll stay...

Words to live by: "Peace through superior firepower..."

There are alligators down in the sewers!

Myths of Olympia - The Tail of an Orc.

Once long ago the orcs did not have tails like they have now. Instead of a long skinny tail bare except for a tuft of fur at its end. They had a short curled tail fully covered with fur. Imagine a cross between a rabbits and a pigs tail.

One day there was this obnoxious young orc named Thogh. Thogh had been told by his betters not to go down to the great green and greasy Frothingslosh river for that was were the great croc lived. And the great croc loved to eat orcs in one snap if possible. But being an orc he only minded his betters while a club was nearby. And it being early in the morning his betters had not yet found their clubs again. So off Thogh ran to banks of the great green and greasy Frothingslosh river thinking there must be something good to eat there, why else would his betters be trying to keep him from it. After some time looking under rocks and logs for small and weak things to eat Thogh heard a voice speaking to him from the great green and greasy Frothingslosh river. "Oh young orc come closer to the river so I can better know you" But Thogh who still had two good eyes saw two eyes as large as logs sticking out of the slow moving slime of the river. Thogh knew it was the great croc trying to get Thogh close enough to the water so he could eat Thogh in one bite. So Thogh answered by bending over and showing his back side to the river and saying "Oh great croc see what tender meat you will never eat for I am to smart to fall for your tricks." But Thogh was not so smart for he didn't know that the great croc would often lunge out of the river for his meals. And given the temptation of this tasty meal so plainly presented and the annoyance of Thoghs insult. That is exactly what the great croc did. But the great croc was to far away from Thogh to eat him in one bite, or even two bites. In fact all the great croc got was the base of Thoghs tail. There Thogh was, caught by his tail and no matter how hard he pulled he could not free himself from the jaws of the great croc. In fact the the great croc was slowly pulling Thogh to the great green and greasy Frothingslosh river were the great croc could eat Thogh in leisure. Thogh pulled with all his might but he could not beat the great crocs strength. But he could feel the pain in his tail. For it was slowly being pulled out and the hair scraped off by the sharp teeth of the great croc. Finnaly just as the great croc had dragged Thogh to the very edge of the water Thogh had the only idea of his life. Thogh farted. Since these gasses went almost directly into the great crocs nose. And since orc farts are some of the most deadly farts known. Even the great croc had to gasp for his breath. This released the great crocs hold on Thoghs tail. Without the pull of the great croc Thogh went tumbling far from the river. Then before the great croc could uncross his eyes Thogh had picked himself up and was running away from the banks of the great green and greasy Frothingslosh river. During the following days after Thogh had returned to the other orcs. They teased him about his tail that was no longer like any other orcs. For it was now long, skinny, and hairless except for a small tuft at it end. Thogh responded by saying how great his new tail was. He could now use his tail to swat the flys that are always on an orcs backside. Also the fur no longer caught fire when he got close to the camp fire. Since orcs had only recently learned how to use fire. They had not yet learned how to keep their tails out of the fire and burnt tails were the plague of the age. The more they teased the more Thogh praised his new tail. But slowly one by one, generaly after a tail had been caught in the fire the other orcs would go down to the great green and greasy Frothingslosh river and have their tail pulled by the great croc. Many did not return for they fogot Thoghs instruction to fart when the tail was long enough and they were dragged into the river. Eventualy all the orcs had visited the great croc in the great green and greasy Frothingslosh river and to this day all orcs have had the same tail. Long, thin and hairless except for a small tuft on the end. As for the great croc he had been farted at so man times when trying to eat an orc in one bite. That to this day no croc will eat an orc and in fact all crocs turn green at just the thought of eating an orc.

Well, I see that factions, gangs, alliances are on the increase is this true negentropy or just strange attractors in chaos.

>Some of you will have noticed the castle begun in the second >Yellowleaf. This is ours.

Oh Yeah, what I joke! If it really was your castle why didn't you used 'press' with one of the known owners of the Castle. Sharn(4085) would do it, he is the owner. Others could do it also like :Peter E(7741), Bihrath(1484), Ande S(1384), Bobo(2988), Happy(6490) or someone else that are running in and out of The Crimson Citadel like they owned it.

>so we > are laying claim now to all resources within 3 provinces of > the Yellowleaf safe haven

Well since it is a joke, who cares?

Attention rulers of Crimson Citadel Da plan is that my mighty army waits until you kill those damn city-guards in Yellowleaf West, then I will capture your Castle. Therefor I must recruit soldiers in every province.


I got a few questions to the EVIL answer-gay. 1.When I summon my undead army, can I give them to my lieutenant and they will fight for him in battle or will he have to learn beastmaster skills for this? 2.What about if I want to give him an deamon lord? 3.Can you pillage severall times in the same province each month and do you recive 1/3 of the taxbase before your last pillage? 4.Is it as funny as it sounds to capture unarmed nobles and sacrifice them to the Evil and Wicked One? 5.Are the AOO in the game and do they accept new members?


Will the last person leaving Provinia please turn out the lights?

Sailing out of Harn has been so popular as to become a waste of time.


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