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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g1-125 |
   | November 13, 1996                                                    |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 125  118 players                            http://www.pbm.com/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

.....yes my son it is like a wolf walking down the streets of a very busy city. Each turn of the wagonwheel and each footstep of a pedestrian forges a bar to the wolf's perceived cage. As the cage shrinkens ever closer around the wolf, his urge to flee becomes unbearable and he darts blindlessly through the streets seeking the forest he knows is out there somewhere. He seeks that spot where he can finaly rest, without the pressures of the city bombarding his existence. Yes my son it is claustrophobia that drives a noble to the high seas in search of a land less crowded, in search of a world free from need. But in fleeing the noble finds that the ship is much more confining than the city he left. Finaly when he finds the land of plenty the trip fades in memory, and life begins anew. And my son, it is claustrophobia that forces a man to exit the tavern for a breather, to flee the church during social hour, and to distance himself from loved ones while walking together down the sidewalk. The claustrophobic noble needs his space. And for him this space is the final frontier.

-- The day of Rest [ju3]

The Pheasant Pluckers pledge their support to the enemies of the AOO. Contact us if we can help in any way.

-- The Pheasant Pluckers [uk3]

-------------------------------- South & West CAMARIS Update --------------------------------

Monthly notice: every new visitor to either of our two fair isles should notify us in advance. (We'll only get back to you if there's a problem)

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]


Last month (turn 124) saw the razing of the Fist of Fearn [q59] in Atnos and the taking of the Shiny New Palace [u37] in Rhovanth, summer homes of the tyrants of Provinia and Hades. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to raze the last one, so the tyrants get to keep their Shiny New Palace.

There was also some mop-up fighting in the City of the Dead and the outlying province. The tyrants lost.

So as a result of this month (turn 125) and last, another wave of tyrant lackeys are dead or possibly dead. People with extra time could try last rites.

Titania [k4k] Lord Peter the Grey [g7w] Dread [p6x] Frodo [p5e] Princess [ba5g] King's daughter [ea9v] Keilyn Fitzwarin [d3v]

Meanwhile, progress continues on the last rites efforts begun in turn 123. The list is now updated to exclude nobles known to be still living or gone forever from the world.

Orpheus [hc0t] Oleg the Loudmouth [f9d], mage Amber [iw7e] Dorothy [bg4b] Snowdrop [w9n] Pathemes [p4x] Carcerce [g4s] Mold Demon [b9s], sorcerer Soriyli [h9m] Tiara [t4p] Ikving [r3l] Buttercup [hy4c] Wenditel [c2r] Furioso [a7e] Limper [a6c] Airhead [g9d] Debacle [g8z] Udder [w8k] Quincunx [e6x] Lily [fa8h] Rocko [c7p] Muffella [x0c] Alfred [z3k] Medusa [k6z] Iris [g0h] Distressed Lady [ee8k] Orchid [z0n] Florella [bs7k] Masked Man [c3l] Aramanth [a1y] Destiny [x8h] Petunia [v9c]

Thanks to all of you who have provided support in last rites and in other ways. Your efforts are noticed and they do make a difference.

-- Kaden the Hand [jh7q]

The Bank has now finished it's moving and is hopefully back on-line fully. However mail problems means that I sometimes miss messages. (Actually I have missed that last two turns due to these problems!)

Please note the Bank's new email address is David.Cotterill@jwt.co.uk

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]


You da Hand!

. . . and a beach . . . B-)

The group of unsavory newcomers with their strange armor and weapons entered the main market of Imperial City. Peasants fled from their path, as they purposefully strode back and forth through the many stalls of vendors obviously looking for something or someone. "Definately low Tech!" stated one, followed by the quick feminine response of another "'Tis always the way, Commander! Our task force has been through this scenario time and time again. But this world seems to scintillate with a power unknown to us before." "The natives appear to be of many races, but they all speak of 'Magic'", stated another. "Magic? BAH! Such is the stuff of children's stories! Never have we encountered any evidence that so called 'Magic' exists. Many are the charletains and frauds we have vaporized for attempting to convince us otherwise! So shall it be here!", said the large one in front, obviously the leader. And they strode on.....

Surrender to Oleg now, or I'm going to have to get tough.

What ever happened to the "Answer Man"?

At last the AOO gets a taste of its own medicine. The OPF salute the Stranger.

Did anyone else notice that the subject of last turn's report said "Olympia g1 turn 124 report". G1 he asked? !! :-)

Ossicus is in flames!

Definitely a good year to keep my head down and watch the fireworks. Especially since I get 25 gold each month just for sitting here.

Well, since nobody is listening to me, I think I'm going to stop posting these rumours. Bye. The Protectorate of the Sacred Rumour

Un peu d'ore

Revenge is a dish best served cold!

OUCH! Quit it!

Can anyone confirm the attacks on the AOO? How bad does this hurt them?.

Long live the Duke! Not!

To all newbies: The first skill your character should learn is Combat and the second is Fight to the death! Many of the more unscrupulous AOL factions like to lay in wait and ambush newbies for their noble points. If you all learn those skills and set them accordingly, they will reap less of a bounty and perhaps give up the endeavor as too time consuming.

"The battle-beasts of the mighty may swoop and kill, And many souls will rise. However, the not-so-mighty most certainly will live to see fear in AOO eyes." -Don't lose heart, folks... Think of the people who are just joining!

Kudos to Kaden the Hand!! For those that are whining about the AOO, and want game 2 to start, SHADDUP! Take your sniveling elsewhere.

Yawn. No new gossip here. Anyone else got any?

Only a select few remain to carry the torch!

I'm going to borrow one of these ships next turn: fr7x, bg0y, bq1a. I can't say who I am. But assure you that I'm on a legitimate mission from Atnerks and that I will return your ship undamaged.

The Reluctant Boat Thief

So much time, So little to write.

Me wonders how Kaden the Hand and his cohorts plan on escaping the wrath of BtA and his teleporting dragons? Me also wonder how Kaden and Gabriel, the Hands achieved their high aura? Perhaps we can learn and duplicate the process and mirror their success with our mages? - XXXX