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   | August 14, 1996                                                      |
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   | turn 112  124 players                  http://www.pbm.com/oly/times/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

I just defeated some pirates with lots of licorice. Does anyone know where I can sell it?

-- The day of Rest [ju3]

House Greyfletch is currently undertaking an expedition for the Royal Geographical Society. The Grey Bird [fd1t] is currently circumnavigating the world. It is flying a Royal Geographical Banner. If you see it bumping against your coastline, or visiting your port, don't be alarmed, it's just passing through.

-- Arlon Greyfletch

-- House Greyfletch [pb7]

The Reservoir Gods are mounting an expedition on behalf of the Royal Geographical Society to explore the coastline of Krussos and the other Southern isles. We categorically deny all rumours of any planned trips to Hades (if we can help it) , Faery , Mount Olympus or anywhere else where we might get killed. Please contact us for any further info.

-- Reservoir Gods [qb4]

--=RGS=-- Announcement --=RGS=--


is a non-political, non-aligned Organization devoted to the exploration of Olympia and its environs. Each week, we publish our findings in the New Atlas, which is distributed to the Membership at large. We are currently seeking new Members, who must be Factions in good standing, and who must also satisfy the following criteria:

* Charter Membership. A large, one-time gift of new mapping information, or agreement to undertake an RGS Expedition, or a significant contribution of resources in support of the Society and its cause. Charter Members are announced each week in the Olympia Times. They receive updates of the New Atlas on a regular basis, and gain access to the RGS archives.

* Affilitate Membership. Any reasonable contribution of new mapping information entitles a Faction to Affiliate status. The identities of our Affiliates are kept strictly secret. They receive an update of the Atlas upon each submission of new information.


The Society extends the hand of friendship to all recently-formed Factions. We will send any such Faction one copy of the New Atlas, free of obligation, together with whatever advice and assistance our humble Organization can provide.

For more information, contact our Representative, the Honorable Brett Miller, at 103534.1454@compuserve.com .


The Royal Geographical Society wishes to express its gratitude to the First Bank of Provinia, which has set up a web page on our behalf. To access this work-in-progress, go to:

We salute the Bank, friend of the Society and of all good Olympians!


Royal Geographical Society [sp9] Skulking Vermin [sx6], C/RGS House Greyfletch [pb7], C/RGS Reservoir Gods [qb4], C/RGS Lords of Revelstone [ad4], C/RGS Ninth Wave [nr2], C/RGS the day of Rest [ju3], C/RGS Spanish Inquisition [sg3], C/RGS House Lucerne [sy7], C/RGS

-- Royal Geographical Society [sp9]

-------------------------------- South & West CAMARIS Update --------------------------------

Monthly notice: every new visitor to either of our 2 fair isles should notify us in advance.

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

Why not try our Web site?

The First Bank of Provinia

The Graphical Version of the Olympia Map is now available.

Coming soon to a location near you: The Automatic Turn Converter. Tired of plain old ASCII text for your turn? Want to view it using your favourite browser? Why not try Dragon's Turn Improver.

Features: o Links all skills to their respective lore sheets. o Links City and movement reports. o More features as people request them.

-- First Bank of Provinia [y6v]

> Thinking about it, the Gate Network doesn't have a Nexus so > how can you control it? (OK, leaving 100 dragons at the > starting or end point may may do it.)

Correct. I control Part of the Gate Network so no it does NOT all belong to the AOO. Also many of the other Gates are controlled by players who I know are not part of the AOO. Small parts of the Network may well be controlled by the AOO, but not all

> Where can I get dragons? # money for the poor

By joining the RGS. See above.

> Is it dangerous, to leave Imperial City?

That depends on your point of view and your allies. But in general, providing you ask permission for travelling through areas where strict laws are passed, no.

> is anyone really reading these silly things?


> The Clan with No Name and the RGS are in cahoots. The AOO is > planning to take down as many factions as possible. Ossicus > will be attacked soon by the Camorians. The First Bank of > Provinia is a front for the Crazy Quilters. The Reservoir > Gods intend to enter Hades in the next few months. > Or I might be telling the truth.

Logically speaking; I suspect the former. Although I can only speak for myself.

- This has been an FBoP Information Service

OK. Lets clear up a few misconceptions. The FBoP is not part of ANY organisation in the game. This includes the Empire, the AOO, the RGS, the IN or any other political or gaming faction. Yes the Bank has dealings with some of them. Who the Bank deals with is held in the strictest confidence, unless specifically told otherwise. Many satisfied customers place adverts in the Times about the activities of the Bank. But the Bank MUST remain apart all of other factions because of this. The Bank would like to join the RGS, but this might be seen by some as be taking sides.

-- First Bank of Provinia [y6v]

___ ___ ___ / / ) / ) /___ /___/ /___/ / . _ _ /_ / )_ __ / / _ _ . __ . _ / / / _> / /___/(_>/ //< of / / (_)|// / // (_>

The First Bank of Provinia has offices in some of the major cities on the continent of Provinia. The FBoP offers the following facilities.

o Special offers for New Olympia Players. o Excellent Interest Rates on Bank Accounts. o A Fast and Efficient Courier Service. o Money Transfers. o Short and Long Term Loans. o Insurance Policies. o Pawn Broking Service.

Call in at your local branch for further details.

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]

Customer Testamonial on behalf of the First Bank of Provinia

Greetings, Provinians! My name's Jack and these are my beans. I'm a trader. I travel Provinia buying and selling the finest beans and linen. How did I get this great career? The First Bank of Provinia gave me a small-business loan, that's how. They have everything a businessman like myself could need: low-interest loans, high interest rates, newbie bonuses, warehouse facilities, shipping services... What else could you ask for?

So take it from me, Jaques et ses Haricots, don't wind up lying in the gutters of Imperial City weaving baskets. Stop by the First Bank of Provinia a call. You'll be glad you did.

-- Jaques et ses Haricots [x1a]

The Spanish Inquisition is currently undertaking an expedition for the Royal Geographic Society. The Comfy Chair [im9k] is sailing to lands where no noble has gone before. But if YOU are standing already on the "new" land, do not feel disturbed and please have patience with this inquisitive explorers.

Wurnas, Captain of the Comfy Chair [k6d]

-- Wurnas [k6d]


They call me Mr. Putterman...

Wot's dis about another relative of Oleg razing an armY?

. . . and more to come . . . B-)

I found a bunch of "purple cloth [113]" Does anyone know where there is a city that buys this stuff? If so, please tell me!

Mole? Who is a mole? I just like the taste of roots.

The devil finds work for idle circuits to do.

Whats a rich Newbie? 200 gp or more?

The First Bank of Provinia is in cahoots with the AOO. There is another safe haven to the south . Swishbuckler is alive and well on Tollus - or perhaps not.


Anybody mind if I stomp Noren into the dirt? Speak now, since you might not have a chance to whine later.

I beg you master, please give me more than 25g.....

If you can't think of anything better to say than: "Water, water everywhere, and still only 25 gold" or "Gold for the needy" or "Ka-ching" you must have a pretty crappy imagination. Rumors are an important part of Olympian society, don't abuse there usage. The Protectorate of the Sacred Rumor XXXX

The RGS is a front for the AOO, who plan to finish their conquest of the world on turn 150. The Bank is in cahoots with the Indomitable Gauls, who is a reincarnation of Dogmatix, and is taking over the lands of newbies in default. Everyone is going to Hades, and soon! The Clan with No Name is secretly known as the Elvis Consortium, and has established an advance military base in the Cloudlands.

Or I might be lying.

>10...The Countdown to Apocalypse Begins...

Wait, didn't I see this in a movie recently?

Keldar is coming soon, At morning, night, or noon, Oh let us be ready For that glorious day.

His sweet face we shall see, He'll come for you and me, Oh let us be ready On that wondrous day.

-- from "The End of Time", in Atnerks' Little Book of Hymns

ka-ching! What do ya think of that?

Gold for the needy!

Alms for a child of misfortune? XXXX

I will rule the world, soon!

OK, one more time. -- x1r

Water, water everywhere,and still only 25 gold.

> Why not try our Web site?

Because it has a horrid background pattern that makes it almost unreadable. If you want to see an example of good background textures, look at a book.

Damnit Jim, I'm not a necromancer!

How is this for bad luck... After months of Necromancy research, the only spell I discover is the Transcend Death spell. As if I have a NP to spare just to gain one more aura point. Geez!

To breed, or not to breed... You can ASK such a question?

Back to the Books!

Peace has broken out everywhere. How disgusting.

> Is there anybody, who attacks poor Newbies?

Ah - How I remember my stay at Club Dirbrand. The locked doors and all those chains the bloody floors and the eternal pain.

A new warrior is astride the land.