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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g1-103 |
   | June 12, 1996                                                        |
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   | turn 103  130 players                  http://www.pbm.com/oly/times/ |

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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

The Lords of Revelstone repeat their offer of tutoring and haven to all. Contact Hirebrand Tohrm to arrange reception and lodging. The Lords are pleased that they may be of service to the Royal Geographic Society, and ask parties interested in the goals and plans of the RGS to contact the Society directly. The Lords apologise for late or misdirected responses to inquiries. -Variol, High Lord of the Council of Lords of Revelstone

-- Lords of Revelstone [ad4]

Orc Oil : It's not just for psychotic episodes any more!

-- Red Nectar [dw2]

I tell my nobles to talk to eachother, even if it isn't about something important. To some it is not the data that is being transfered that counts, but merely the process itself that leaves them feeling rewarded. Talking can be similar to a hug or a handshake, which communicates no data but can make you feel good. I tell my nobles if you are in an alliance, keep talking. The trust that generates may help you both feel more confident that the other is not sharpening their knives for an imminent backstab. This is especially true when there are no facial expressions to read.

-- The day of Rest [ju3]

>Someone Asked: >> Is the 'Transcend death' necromancy spell worth spending a noble >> point for? >Standard answer #1: It depends. >If you've got extra NP lying about unused, (and you don't want to > donate them to the Answer Guy), and you have a noble with lot's of > valuable skills and spells (and you don't want to donate *him* to > the Answer Guy), and you think he might get killed, then it's > probably worth it. >On the other hand, Using Transcend death puts you alone in Hades, > which is rumored to be controlled by the AOO, who are not know for > welcoming unexpected visitors. Actually, they may give your > highly-skilled noble a fine welcome, and throw a dinner where he > will be the Guest of Honor (and main course). Since I hold Hades (Yes, all of it) I can state unequivocally that I have never eaten anyone that came through the Pit. And I haven't handed anyone off to be eaten by anyone else. So far, the few people that have appeared in the pit have suffered with: surrendering to one of my units (not a big deal since they don't get into the Pit with anything anyway); being taken to the graveyard of their choice; and being let loose. As long as that service is not abused, I will keep doing it that way. I don't even charge for it.

Believe it or not.

However, anyone entering Hades through the graveyards are fair game. If the spirits or demons don't get you, then one of my dragon stacks will. And my people SEEK enough to have a pretty good chance of dining -- uh -- finding concealed nobles. Not perfect mind you, but enough that I don't have to ship food down here. Burp.

I recommend Transcend Death if you have a few NPs invested in your noble: the noble is pretty much immortal after that and, as long as people don't try to push me around, the noble will get out of Hades in one piece.

Clann Dhabaid[qr2] King of Hades Charter Member, AOO

-- Clann Dhabaid [qr2]

--=RGS=-- Announcement --=RGS=--


is a non-political, non-aligned Organization devoted to the exploration of Olympia and its environs. Each week, we publish our findings in the New Atlas, which is distributed to the Membership at large. We are currently seeking new Members, who must be Factions in good standing, and who must also satisfy the following criteria:

* Charter Membership. A large, one-time gift of new mapping information, or agreement to undertake an RGS Expedition, or a significant contribution of resources in support of the Society and its cause. Charter Members are announced each week in the Olympia Times. They receive updates of the New Atlas on a regular basis, and gain access to the RGS archives.

* Affilitate Membership. Any reasonable contribution of new mapping information entitles a Faction to Affiliate status. The identities of our Affiliates are kept strictly secret. They receive an update of the Atlas upon each submission of new information.


The Society extends the hand of friendship to all recently-formed Factions. We will send any such Faction one copy of the New Atlas, free of obligation, together with whatever advice and assistance our humble Organization can provide.


Royal Geographical Society [sp9] Skulking Vermin [sx6], C/RGS House Greyfletch [pb7], C/RGS Reservoir Gods [qb4], C/RGS Lords of Revelstone [ad4], C/RGS Knights of Pervia [bk5], C/RGS Ninth Wave [nr2], C/RGS

For more information, please write to the Society [sp9], or speak to our representative, the Honorable Brett Miller, 103534.1454@compuserve.com.


-- Royal Geographical Society [sp9]

-------------------------------- South & West CAMARIS Update --------------------------------

Monthly notice: any new visitors to either of our 2 fair isles should notify us in advance.

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

___ ___ ___ / / ) / ) /___ /___/ /___/ / . _ _ /_ / )_ __ / / _ _ . __ . _ / / / _> / /___/(_>/ //< of / / (_)|// / // (_>

The First Bank of Provinia has offices in some of the major cities on the continent of Provinia. The FBoP offers the following facilities.

o Special offers for New Olympia Players. o Excellent Interest Rates on Bank Accounts. o A Fast and Efficient Courier Service. o Money Transfers. o Short and Long Term Loans. o Insurance Policies. o Pawn Broking Service.

Call in at your local branch for further details.

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]

> The war in Ossicus has been resolved, with most of the participants > coming out happy. If you're a new neighbour or planning a visit, by > all means get in touch with me.

Yeah, better get in touch with him, or he'll wipe you out. Friendly guy, Erik the Well Read, happy to attack anyone when he thinks he can get a lot out of them. Of course, in my case he only managed to destroy a bunch of my noble points, but that should give you a clue about his level of nobility.

-- General Norc [z1a]


Once there was a wanderer, A mariner, a ponderer, Who sailed his ship beyond the edge of Night; And there he found a darkness, A blackness, a starkness, That drove his men insane because of fright.

So alone then he returned him. It tore him, it burned him, To leave his mates in such a sorry plight; But terror could not stay him, Or rule him, or slay him, And back he came into the realms of Light.

On quiet shores he strays now. He hopes now, he prays now, To see his friends before he dies abed; But never have they come back, Or sailed back, or swum back. He wishes it were he that died instead.

-- Aurelius [p1y]

Travelers Advisory - Dirbrand

A travelers advisory has been put out for the area around Dirbrand. A prisoner has escaped from the dungeon of the House of many rooms. He should be considered very distastfull and this area is to be avoided by all prudent nobles. The local constabulary are on his trace and hope to capture all offending nobles soon.

-- Edmond Dantes [m1u]

Customer Testamonial on behalf of the First Bank of Provinia

Greetings, Provinians! My name's Jack and these are my beans. I'm a trader. I travel Provinia buying and selling the finest beans and linen. How did I get this great career? The First Bank of Provinia gave me a small-business loan, that's how. They have everything a businessman like myself could need: low-interest loans, high interest rates, newbie bonuses, warehouse facilities, shipping services... What else could you ask for?

So take it from me, Jaques et ses Haricots, don't wind up lying in the gutters of Imperial City selling pots and baskets. Stop by the First Bank of Provinia. You'll be glad you did.

-- Jaques et ses Haricots [x1a]


Top Breeding Tip, crossing 76 with 13 makes an oxbow.

The enemy of my enemy . . . B-)

Lots of gold some places, but very little where this goes.

>>> Insert snappy one-liner here. <<<

The A00 are uninvolved wimps! Why don't they show what they have if they're sooo tuff? I think you old timers are making this all up to scare us newbies into building armies!

Are cyclops classified as beasts ? Is there any benefit in attacking them ?

some for me.....some for you.

Rollin' rollin' rollin'... Keep them dogies rollin'... Rawhide...

Gold for the greedy!

Nostalgia just ain't what it used to be.

IN is herewith disbanded.

Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

"Hey what does Spiny root do ?????"

The AOO is still alive and well, with more dragons in one castle than any other alliance has in the whole world. Rumors of it's demise are greatly exaggerated.

--Somebody with a vast intelligence network.

> How can you tell when land is controled by a droped position?

It's easiest when the dropped position was your own, then you can tell from your last report. (I don't know why people think it's hard to be an answer guy...)

> Does anyone know if all Cyclops require > a special weapon when attacking?

They seem to do fine with their bare hands against me.

Another week's research funding

The Bolgerians approach .

"Is there anybody out there?"

Sailing the seven seas of rhye???

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me.. Than a Frontal Lobotomy. I'd rather be drunk. Than insane. These are just two ways to kill the same pain."

The AOO lumbars.

If anyone is interested in free potions, please contact v4j.

Would those be free potions of slavery, perchance?

Then Harpies taste like Centauri