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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g1-59 |
   | August 9, 1995                                                       |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 59  181 players                                                 |

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Olympia PBEM

* * *

Player-contributed press


Visitors to DRUCARTAN are asked to procure a visa before entering the area. Drucartan is a very peacefull continent, where AOO and non AOO factions live in peace and harmony. No noble has ever been attacked in Drucartan by another noble.

If you want a visa, please send a message to John Sen[m6f], describing the nobles in the party, the size of the party, and the reason for visiting Drucartan. There is no fee, and requests will only be refused in rare ( i.e. I am bringing 2000 men (or dragons) to kill all nobles ) circumstances.

-- The Sen Clan [di4]


Now up for auction in the IC: one scroll of Weathermagic! The scroll will be offered by means of a Dutch Auction. That means every month I will lower the asking price by 50 gold from its current level, until someone snaps it up. If you want to be sure of getting it, contact me and we'll make arrangements. This turn: 600 gold.

Maps are available! Get yours today from the Illustrated Man [s5e] in the Imperial City! If you're a new player, only 75 gold plus your surface mail address for all the info known about Provinia and the world! For experienced players, ask about a blow-up of your area! All current orders have been mailed.

-- The Midnight Carnival [nx2]

---------------------- S. CAMARIS Update ----------------------

Monthly notice: any new visitors to our fair isle should notify us in advance.

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

This is monthly notice if you wish to visit the environs of Cycarth and Redwine please be courteous enough to let m9l know (you can reach him at heyman@camis.stanford.edu. I do not currently plan to restrict access, but would like to know who is wandering around in my front yard. I would especially like to know if you plan on using any of the natural rsources (peasants, wood, and the like) in the provinces bt25 bt26 bt27 bu25 bu26 bu27 bv25 bv26 bv27 bw25 bw26 and bw27.

-- Darkman [m9l]


Visitors are welcome to the area controlled by the Cohorts of Colossus [vo4], as long as they obtain travel permits first. Not all requests will be granted. The affected area includes the land provinces bx25-bx27, by24-by27, and bz27.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, do not enter this area without a permit, nor collect resources without express permission. Violators of this policy may be subject to arrest.

I only rarely refuse reasonable requests, and then only because I've already granted my quota.

This policy helps ensure the security of all nobles within these lands. If you are interested in a franchise on collecting resources in one of these provinces, please contact me. I have friendly arrangements with several factions along these lines.

-- Sheriff Pelenth of Gentlewind [f3i]

It's off to work I go -- Will I ever come back? Will I ever touch land again?

-- Pepe the Magnificent [x4h]

It is with some amusement that We hear yet again that the Cloudlands are under the control of the AOO. Yes, we find it necessary to deal with the AOO to ensure access to the clouds for all, however we are a seperate and peaceful kingdom. Only those who bring strife with them need fear in the cloudlands. I know not of the realms of the Fey folk.

-- Cloud King [q0k]

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download! Be the first to contribute information for unexplored lands (Faery).

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

Note!! Due to Real-Life (tm) commitments, the Atlas will be appearing irregularly, as I have time to assemble contributions.

-- Sludge [x0o]

___ ___ ___ / / ) / ) /___ /___/ /___/ / . _ _ /_ / )_ __ / / _ _ . __ . _ / / / _> / /___/(_>/ //< of / / (_)|// / // (_>

The First Bank of Provinia has offices in some of the major cities on the continent of Provinia. The FBoP offers the following facilities.

o Special offers for New Olympia Players. o Excellent Interest Rates on Bank Accounts. o A Fast and Efficient Courier Service. o Money Transfers. o Short and Long Term Loans. o Insurance Policies. o Pawn Broking Service.

Call in at your local branch for further details.

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]


The Brotherhood of Ormos claims the city of Avalon [ao0k] and all lands and resources inside the boundary of [bp05]-[bp08]-[br06] -[br09] inclusive, as its sole and lawful demense. Those wishing to visit Ormos are required to request a visa and await clearance before attempting to make landfall. All unauthorized visitors are unwelcome and looked upon with extreme prejudice. Captains needing to make landfall at Avalon for emergency repairs will not be molested, but are still required to contact me for a visa.

-- Pelinore Dragonslayer [p4s]


As far as I can tell, the AOO still control the Cloudlands, Hades, and Faerie.

Marat must be hassled! Annoyance to the tyrant!

The winds of change blow through the land

My last idea: I will breed a galley and a winged horse. It may be interesting.

Did you know that a lot of this stuff is just for the gold?

Arr, even after we have finished the castle, peasants are starving!


How does one join your noble cause? Although perhaps not a true newbie, with 10 turns in and a little corner of the world to develop for my own, compared to the truly established players I'm a piker. I would be very interested in joining anyone who wants to disrupt the balance of power on Olympia. However, due to security reasons I'm somewhat unwilling to put my name in here, as, I would imagine, are you. How do you intend to attract allies?

An interested party.

Will every one stop talking about the AOO.

Dragon-breeder's lament: Where's modern techniques, chains and leather restraints when you need them?

hey, where'd all those catapolts go?

All my nobles on one continent, and one faaaar across the seas. Oh well, bloom where you are planted, I guess.

Query About Harsh Immigration Laws Imposed By Harsh Factions

I am seeking a visa for Drucartan from the Sen Clan. I realize this may be difficult for John Sen to grant, especially given that I am coming with 2000 troops/dragons to kill all his nobles.

But John, what I really need to know is, what happens if you deny me a visa, and I enter Drucartan illegally and kill all your nobles anyway?

Would you deport me?

-- Worried Noble

Are those dark clouds I see spreading out from Mt. Olympus?

Is doom near at hand?

Has Isildur's bane awakened?

Oh. Wait. Wrong storyline. Sorry.

One extra large hot fudge with extra pickles, to go.

Clifford's City Database will be taking a short leave of absence. Stay tuned -- it will be available again in September.

Escape at last! Now all I have to do is find my way home before my ex-captors find me again. Time to actually put that old Gatemastery skill to work...

I hear there has been famine and plague on Atnos and castles stand emtpy. Is it true?

Ooo, Black Sails!

Quoth the Sage, "I think therefore I am, but I'm micromanaged therefore I'm not"

How much is that ratspider in the window? The one with the venomous fangs?

Lance's Petshop, for all your rodent-related needs.

So what new victims has that cannibal BtA found?

Well, okay - you've shown me yours, after all...

Faction [xxx] rank ------------- ---- Characters: 12 26th Men: 104 81st Gold: 1,490 95th Land controlled: 0 80th Skills known: 27/70 58th Spells known: 13/80 52nd Provinces visited: 258/9,995 35th

Impressive, isn't it? (grin)

"The citizens of the fief of Greenridge are hereby notified that the recent hasty commencement of a new castle on the outskirts of Omournil was NOT a mistake. Rather it was a stroke of strategic genius, done while the laborers working on the other castle to the east were on holiday. The sudden beheading of the project supervisor was a tragic shock to us all."

The dark woods are quiet except for a garrulous old fool.

BtA is a fool if he thinks he is the most powerful mage on Olympia, after all he does not possess the Amulet of Spells! He also must hide like a brazen coward, lest he be slain like the cur he is!

A terrible beast is loose on Torba Bacor, and all who enter there will meet a horrific doom.

-- The Blood Prophet

Captain: Batten the hatches! Man the oars! That there "storm" that's a brewin' looks like it is going to be a big'n. If I didn't know better I'd say it were magical but we all knows that magic is just a bunch of Parlor Tricks; isn't it?

Zap! (Long range Aura Blast anilates the stalwart seaman)

second mate: I'd have to say it would be a we tiny bit more than just parlor tricks, sir.. to bad you will not be able to do any more "reckon'n..

OK, I've got my castles, my big beast army and my killer wizard. Now what am I supposed to do with all this gold that keeps appearing? Life's just one problem after another...

What are good combinations of beasts to breed?

A winged ox would be fancy enough. But does it really exist? Rumor has it that it is impossible to breed such a beast.

Why do some players hate newbies so much. You must have been a newby once. Is this all a joke or what?

The Guardians of the Light are here to put an end to the villany imposed by large alliences. We start at the edges of your empires, where you are weak and we strike. Without the resources of the provinces those huge armies will soon be demanding pay that you can't afford. For every crime you commit, we _will_ take action. You have been warned. -The Guardians of the light.

Who needs our services? Don't worry about a trap, an anonymous post to the times revealing wickedness is all that is needed. While we can't strike off the heads of the alliences (yet!) we can hit them where they hurt. -The Guardians of the Light.

Oppressed and unwanted? We want to help You! The Robin Hood of Olympia; Small, deadly, and able hide from their huge armies; We are the Guardians of Light;

Dear Editor, It is with some displeasure that I note the slackening of editorial style in the Times. This is most apparent on the first page where we are no longer treated with either an enlightening quote or a piece of poetry. While I can understand that while you were away on holiday, the daemons you bound to the task may have lacked the creativity required for such activities I am some what alarmed by their continued absence. Please return to the high quality of yeaster-year. C.K.

Characters: 9 41st Men: 75 98th Gold: 6,497 42nd Land controlled: 4 67th Skills known: 25/70 62nd Spells known: 11/80 60th Provinces visited: 266/9,995 35th

There once was a mountain monastary where an old monk and a young monk lived. One night, when they were going to sleep the young monk asks the old monk, " Will you tell me a story?" and the old monk replies "there once was a mountain monastary where an old monk and a young monk lived. One night..."

Since skills like Shipcraft do not say, "Further skills can be researched" does that mean that research does not help. What about improving ship rigging?

Minstrel: Robin:

Brave Sir Robin ran away. No! Bravely ran away away.... I didn't! When Danger reared its ugly head, He bravely turned his tail and fled No!! Yes brave Sir Robin turned about I didn't! And gallantly chickened out..

Bravely bravely bravely bravely I never did! Bravely bravely bravely bravely All lies! Bravely bravely brave Sir Robin! I never!

This space intentionally left blank.

**** THANK YOU ****

The Greater Provinia Dung Board would like to thank those nobles whose contributions to the Rumors section of the Times have so generously supplied us with vast quantities of fresh research material. As we have traveled Olympia, we have learned much, and now can fully comprehend the value of some rumors. With such determined support our tree of knowledge will surely bear fruit.

Won't some of the successful players let the rest of us know what it takes to reach 1st place in the various categories? The data shared through the TIMES has been interesting, but the lack af data from top players still leaves some questions.

Are giant spiders poisonous?

" help help here come the AOO, run for your noble points"

Some appropriate quotes from THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY by Ambrose Bierce

DANCE, v.i. To leap about to the sound of tittering music, preferably with arms about your neighbor's wife or daughter.

DEBAUCHEE, n. One who has so earnestly pursued pleasure that he has had the misfortune to overtake it.

DEBT, n. An ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slave-driver.

DECIDE, v.i. To succumb to the preponderance of one set of influences over another set.

DEFAME, v.t. To lie about another. To tell the truth about another.

DEFENCELESS, adj. Unable to attack.

DELIBERATION, n. The act of examining one's bread to determine which side it is buttered on.

DESTINY, n. A tyrant's authority for crime and a fool's excuse for failure.

more next time. . .

To Befuddled in Provinia:

Auraculation is the gate through which a great mage has to pass to achieve knowledge of Advanced Sorcery and gain the power to Shift the Balance. But the gate has a Guardian who slays those he deems unworthy. None has passed the Guardian and lived.

More from the lost letters - The Shape of Things to Come: There will soon be talk of a treacherous man, who rules a short time, quickly raised from low to high estate. He will suddenly turn disloyal and volatile. This man will govern ILION.

Through anger and internal hatreds, the EXILES will hatch a great PLOT against the king. SECRETLY they will place enemies as a threat, and his own old adherents will find sedition against them.

From the enslaved populace, songs, chants and demands, while Princes and Lords are held captive in PRISONS. These will in the future by headless idiots be received as divine prayers...